God i need you

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wrote this a while back and finally posting this one.

Submitted: January 30, 2008

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Submitted: January 30, 2008



My heart is breaking at this moment
and i dont know what to do......
i want to cut so badly but i dont want to do it again

my heart is tearing, leaking, bleeding so badly
god take this away! take it
i want to be whole again
not in pieces like ive been in

im a mess, please forgive me
im sorry for everything ive done in the past.
im trying my best not to do anything stupid
i love you with all my heart
i need you! i need you!
why arnt you here?

i cant feel you
i dont hear you
why? why torment me??

did i do anything wrong?
God i love you
i need you in my time of darkness

but i dont hear you when it starts pouring
im in the middle of this mist
and yet i dont feel you


im at my ends wits
people around me want to die
i should do the same...

im done! im done!
let me die,
let me die right now in peace

let me say farewell to anthony
tell him i love him so much
but my heart is breaking to much

for me to live on
God im crying to you
pick me up and set me right

i need you right now
make me not cut myself
God please i dont want too

but that urge is back
and stronger than before
God stop it, please i beg you

i dont want to cut anymore, but it consumes my life
i have to much in my life
let me curl up and die right now

i love you. Farewell old ashhy
and maybe a new one will spring forward,

much love ashhy

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