God is there for Me.

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I was unsure with my faith with God and wrote this piece.

Submitted: December 22, 2007

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Submitted: December 22, 2007



To this day I remember the bad memories of my childhood
remembering the day when my mother had heart surgery
when I was only 10 years old

Thinking she will not make it
I was scared but I prayed over and over
telling God please let mom stay... I need her
and God answer my prayer

After this happened.. at the ages of ten,eleven,and sixteen
three guys had took advantage of me and took my trust away
Not trusting anyone afterwards.. thinking they will do it again
I kept to myself and been a loner from then on
but somehow I felt like someone was there for me
till I turned my back on Him.

My teen years spiraled from this
because the trauma was eating at my soul
replaying those awful images

That I started cutting myself
because I had no one there for me at that time
no one knew me and it upset me so much that I went for the knife
and took it out on myself

Till the day I went to church for the second time in my life
I go in and I could feel the presence of God
and the preacher was talking
and I felt the love and peace for once in my life

From there I gave my life over to God
promising Him that I would stop hurting myself
just to be with him

I didnt want to feel the anguish and hurt anymore
just wanted someone there for me
and he was there all along
waiting for me to cry out to Him.

To this day I've kept my word
and that God is helping me out more and more each passing day
and want to give Him thanks for everything that has been done for me
and that He loves me for me..


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