Gothic Fairy Princess

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I wanted to write a fairy poem.

Submitted: December 21, 2007

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Submitted: December 21, 2007



Once in a forest land
there was this fairy
flying around this lonely world of hers

she stops into this open space
looking up into the summer night
listening to the music her people were singing

huming to herself
she felt lonely for sometime now
and dont know who to run too

No fairy guy liked her
and she ponders on why they dont like her...
am i ugly? am i a monster??

What kaysha didnt know
a handsome prince fairy
was sitting in a tree branch
way above her.

He gazes upon her beauty
watching her long ashhy brown hair
flow with the breeze

Seeing that her dress fits her figure perfectly
and her wings, were very long
and multiple colors of green

Mesmerized by her stunning appearance
he starts singing out loud
and Kaysha looks up and sees him there

Shocked to see him there
shes kinda scared and asked why he was there
he looks into her deep soulful eyes
and says im gazing upon your beauty

He walks up to her
takes her into his arms
and kisses her deeply.

Seperate for a few minutes
the prince asks her to be his wife
and of course she says yes

knowing now someone loves
her for her.


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