Love or Darkness.... Which will win?

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been upset lately and wrote this down. These are my inner feeling.

Submitted: December 23, 2007

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Submitted: December 23, 2007



Sitting in my confined walls
thinking will i be loved
or is the darkness going to take over this time

Voices start whispering
evil little thoughts inside my head
trying to bait me, and that cutting
will be the only way out of this
inhuman pain.

At first i sit there
rocking back and forth
thinking no one loves me....
how will i be cured from this insanity.

I stare at my scars
thinking back when i cut myself
leaving these scars on my flesh

making me feel alive
somehow... wanting it to come
back and consume my life.

Yet there is another hope for me
and that is love....
knowing that special one is out there

I sit there thinking over this
new form of hope
hoping it will come true
and not some fairy tale
that doesnt come true.

The day passes on more slowly
than i though
tand hear something tapping onto my walls

Not knowing what it is
but curious of what it could be
waiting patiently to see what
son the other side of my walls

after two hours
my walls come
crashing down

and see this special person
coming to rescue me
and to love me forever and ever
and that my inner pain never
comes back.

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