My Cutting Battle

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saw this contest about thinking about the past and wrote this piece.

Submitted: November 01, 2007

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Submitted: November 01, 2007



Cutting was a paradise city for me
Feeling the warmth of the knife sliding across my skin
oh the lovely feeling of blood flowing out of my wound
was greater than anything I knew
This was the only way i could express myself
and didnt know how to stop the madness

The cutting took over me
and told me in my mind to keep cutting
you will feel better afterwards
I got tired of hurting with all the pain and grief in my life
that i realized cutting was not the right answer

So one day sitting in my bedroom
I thought long and hard on my cutting situation
and i stopped right then and there

After two years of not doing it
my cutting habits started coming back
seeping back into my soul slowly but surely

All these dark thoughts come into my mind
taking over my soul every minute of the day as i fight this battle
and I feel myself loosing slowly
like my thoughts are darker than my light!

Ever since this battle
i felt like i was on my own
till now I have God and my lovely friend
who loves me for me
and dont want to loose me!
this is why i fight this cutting battle
each and every day because i love them both.

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