Old memories of your tainted face.

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Its about a friend i had and how i feel towards her. Also the song Tourniquet by evanscence also inspired me to write this poem.

Submitted: September 25, 2008

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Submitted: September 25, 2008



Why do I feel hate and regret
each time I see your face?

You always said"You be there for me no matter what"
HA that turned out to be a lie

Everytime I went to you
saying I wanted to cut myself

You would look at me and say
I dont have time for your petty problems......
Go to someone who cares

That day you crashed my hopes
into tiny shards of glass

tainting them with acid
so I couldnt pick the pieces up
and put them back together

You always wanted me to be around you
to help you with your problems

But in reality you put me down more than i needed.
Why didnt YOU try to help ME???
Why didnt YOU stop MY SUFFERING????

Did you like seeing me in pain?
Seeing me sad and without a voice?

Why didnt you speak to me
when i was upset?when my demons
were attacking me

Why didnt you try to help me
fly away from those demons???

Did you really want me to stay
chained to that miserable damp wall

replaying those awful memories
making me feel like im the bad man

when in reality it was YOU!!!!
YOU were the on tainting my soul

drowning me in your own problems
and never letting me up for air

Was you scared that I would have a voice?
Speak my mind and show how awful you was to me?
Was that it??

Someone you can mess with
try to own my heart,my thoughts

Cuz you was never there for me
when I though my world burnt down

I have to many bad memories of you
always seeing how you treated me

All it did was make me more depressed
feeling that i was alone in this world

That no one could ever help me
pick up these acid glass shards
and make me whole

Well your WRONG!!!!!
I finally have that someone

Someone who would love you no matter what
and help pick up your broken self
and make you whole

You will never have that
if you keep up with your snotty
self-pitied attitude

People will leave you
and you can feel that loneliness ive
felt for years

Inspired by Tourniquet by Evanescence...

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