Old Self/New Self Reflection

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when i get upset all these past things to mind and wanted to show my dark and bright side in this piece.

Submitted: November 05, 2007

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Submitted: November 05, 2007



Cutting was a good thing to do
it relieves my pain
Oh the smell of blood
and the sight of it
was satisifing for a while
until the next urge came
to do it again.

Feeling helpless, guilty
of things
I cry and ask WHY!!!
Why did it have to be me

am i a bad person?
Since my so called friends dont want
to rescue me
from this pain??

I see in my mind
so many doors to choose from
but which ones to go through...

Standing in the middle
of all these doors
I cry fearing if I go
through the wrong door
something bad will happen

I fall to my knees
lifting my hands up and
pray for guidance
looking up through tear filled eyes
I see this bright light above me

I see God's light
shining on me
He picks me up
and sets me on my
feet and hugs me tightly

I feel the warmth
i've never felt before
in his hug.
He carrys me once more
through this storm
of mine.

Showing me I can trust
in Him and He will be
by my side
Even if I fall again
he will pick me up
once more
and show me
the right paths 
to take.

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