Once was a puppet

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just my feelings of being a puppet to everyone and breaking free from it.

Submitted: April 13, 2008

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Submitted: April 13, 2008



stitched up like a good little puppet that i am
people taking ahold of my life

moving my arms, my mouth to what they want
what they think is best for me

they move my legs, to the point of life they want me to have
and never think of what i actually want instead

taking control of my life....take ahold of the strings attach to my body
and make me do some kind of crazy dance for them

to make them happy....instead of me
always to do good in their eyes

till the day...i finally had a mind of my own
had enough of pleasing everyone else's whims

had to take back my life
had to take back my diginity

and give myself happiness
do what i want for a change

instead of pleasing others
yet people are mad at me... no audience coming for the shows

no more money coming into the household
and blame it all on me...for just wanting a life of my own

to be a real girl...with a heart and mind
and not be a puppet anymore

dont want to put on shows for anyone
dont want to make everyone else happy

i want to be myself
be ashley...not this puppet everyone thinks i am

taking ahold of my life
viewing the world newly

breathing in the fresh air for once
and know that i am satisifying myself

and it feels so good... to be human
and do what i want for a change

and to always not let everyone to grow those strings back
and take my life over.... to much heartache for that and no mind as well

first steps to becoming this new ashley
first steps to having a life of my own...no one to tell what is right and wrong

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