Ready to Give my Burdens to Him

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inspirartion from the song Carry my cross by third day. It a really good christian song...

Submitted: January 07, 2008

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Submitted: January 07, 2008



Carrying the shame is very difficult
everyday thinking its my fault
and thinking what if i did this

Would it help me out somehow to get through this pain
or would it make things worse throught out the years
To many thoughts running through my mind

What to do what to do
how can i sort out all my thoughts
when they run a thousand times in my head

spinning and spinning into chaos
not letting me slow down for just a little bit
wanting me to feel lost and confused

But no more... im through thinking like that
i have people who love me for me
and not judge me on who ive become

They want me to shine.... not to grow dim
they want me to laugh.....not cry
they want me happy........not mad

The only weird part is to forgive myself
thats the hardest thing in my life
but im ready to give my burdens to God

Im done feeling alone in this world
Im done feeling like thing were my fault
Im done feeling upset all the time

Im ready to change into a new born butterfly
ready to set flight and look at the world differently
and to love myself and everything around me

Im ready to give my burdens to Him
and show him how much i love Him
and to get back on track with my life

And to feel better about myself
and know that i am loved in this world
and to know how to let go of all the shame in my life.....

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