Rest In Peace Dear Ashley

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Warning right now this is not a sucide poem... Im still here and alive just wanted to write my feelings and this is what i got.

Submitted: December 31, 2007

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Submitted: December 31, 2007



Im lost in this broken place once again
everything i say comes out wrong,
and dont mean it.

Stressed and weirded out
takes a toll on my soul

Sleep,Sleep forever more
and to never wake up

Is my dream
yet it wont come true
so leave me be in this world

Let my heart break
into bloody black pieces

And never bandage
up the old wounds
people have given me in the years of my life

Let everything bleed black
and drip out of me

Let the venom out
in puddles and puddles of blood

Just let it run out of me
let the darkness win

I dont care right now
tired of fighting this off

Weary in the end
to keep my light lit just by myself

Let me die in peace
and put white roses on my casket

and remember Ashley
loved you all very much.

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