Saying Goodbye to this Cruel World

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wrote this poem for a contest on my other poetry site and wanted to submit it here.

Submitted: January 18, 2008

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Submitted: January 18, 2008



Sitting alone in this lonely cell i call a bedroom
no windows, no fresh air....nothing

Just watching the pretty walls
fade to a musty brown color

Watching as i see myself change with the walls
feeling myself getting colder and colder within myself

Cant do nothing but let it seep deep inside of me
and wait for it to consume me whole

But this is torture to myself
feeling myself feel glazed and dazed

dont know what to do
everyone i called help for didnt come to rescue me

so why should i stay here
why?? no one loves me in this lonely world

The only one that cared was me a long time ago
and now im loosing that part of me

Feeling myself rip apart of the Ashley i use to know
and these evil cruel thoughts swish through my head again

Telling me go ahead know you want too
i smile at that thought..yes that would be lovely

And somehow a knife appears in my hand out of nowhere
and i look at my arm and then back at the knife

I finally stop thinking...take the knife to my arm
and rip open my old wound again

Feeling the warm blood drip onto me
feeling it becoming cold as it drops onto my clothes

Eyes staring at it...laughing at what i did
knowing that i am happy...and drink up all the blood

and know that it was going to be a happy death
and that this world wont be so cruel anymore

my mixed feelings go away...and that Ashley can be content again
and be on her merry way

Yet she accidently cut too deep this time...
and knowing she did...she feels herself becoming cold

deep inside....and she lays down in that cell of hers
curled up in a ball..holding her bloody arm

closed her blue gray glazed eyes
and whispered i love you.... and never wakes up ever again.

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