Slowly turning to perfection

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inspiration from these songs... imperfection by skillet and set me free by casting crowns

Submitted: January 06, 2008

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Submitted: January 06, 2008



All these years of sitting here thinking im not special at all
thinking im not worth anything in this life
just wanted to curl up and die

Yet you came into my life
telling me im so special that i have a life ahead of me
something worth while in this life

Tears fall down as i begin to let this information seep into me
while im finally figuring out
im drowning in my inperfections
each and every day

Letting them take control of me
letting it control how my life will be
turning my world from white to grey
in two seconds flat...turning it upside down

I let all this information seep into my brain
as the tears fall down my pretty pouty face
trying to figure out how to let go of this imperfection of mine

Feeling myself drowning in my imperfections once again
like some kind of quicksand trap
that wont let me be

Clawing my way out of it
trying to see how beautiful i am
fighting to get my light back from the darkness...

Fighting and fighting keeps going in hand
battle after battle of this
keeps going but never giving up

Wanting to win over this huge accomplishment
wanting to see perfection through these ocean blue eyes of mine
and no more imperfection coming out

Wanting to live a normal life
nothing bad to deal with
yet this is life.. one battle after another...

Seeing what will win
my darkness or my light
but im fighting the biggest battle yet

waiting for my outcome to be really good
waiting for God to step in and take my weary hand
and fight off all the darkness inside my soul

Let me rest in peace
and be happy forever more
and to love myself.. and not to look at the bad ever again

Let my light shine brighter than it did before
and that my imperfection doesnt take a toll on me again
trying to bring back my old habits

Loving myself is the first step
for this healing process
and hoping in the end my progress will be rewarding...

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