Tiger and Jaguar friends

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ITs about me and my friend... just put it in animal form.

Submitted: July 30, 2008

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Submitted: July 30, 2008



this little tiger is confused on life
not knowing what to do

thinking she is useless,worthless and invisible
cant she ever be happy?

cant she get back her warm fuzzy heart?
and have that special moment with her friend

that they can romp around the grassland
hunting and playing there little games

showing each other love for one another
always there when one falls

yet this tiger doesnt know if she can confide to her friend
that she wants to hurt herself again and again

that would crush his little jaguar heart
if heard this nonsense again.

This tiger is confused if he will still be her friend
always doing the same stuff and not looking at her differently

Always wanting to tease and stalk little helpless animals
always playing our favorite games
in the rain

Wrestling each other to the ground
trying to see whose stronger than the other

but these days feel like they come to an end
when her jaguar friend feels upset and lonely

and keeps himself isolated from his tiger friend
so he wont have to hurt her cozy heart

but what he doesnt know is that
each time he pulls away from her
it hurts her more and more
than not talking nor playing with her

She feels like its her fault
that something she said made him
leave her like everyone else did

but in the end
the tiger and jaguar sorted through their differences
and their loved shine brightly for one another
that nothing could seperated them ever again.

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