Understanding Who The Real Me Is

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I got my inspiration from the song Chasing shadows at midnight by Pillar. Plus i wanted to write this piece because people have called me gothic and emo for the longest and im finally coming out with it.

Submitted: January 07, 2008

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Submitted: January 07, 2008



I feel myself changing slowly but surely
what am i changing into?
am i a monster deep within

Or am i thinking to much
on how people perceive me
just wanting approval on a lot of things

Wanting to a perfectionist on everything
trying to not let people down
is this the real me?

What am i?
thats the real question... that lies deep inside of me
that lays hard on my heart in the middle of the night

Where my mind wonders around
trying to grasp on who the real ashhy is
deep inside of herself

Maybe she found who she belongs too
maybe she knows what she is deep inside
but wants to hide it from people... because they wont approve of it

Just look down and think that shes just trying to be a poser
but im not.. this is me..showing you the real me
showing all the scars i bear on my arm

Letting out all my anger on myself
thinking im not a worthy person to live on this earth
and that i just need to disappear and never come back

Till i found out.. im not alone in this battle
i have many people who understand who i am
and now i can proudly say im a gothic/emo person

If your not cool with who i am
then dont speak to me.. cant bear anymore pain
from people who are sick and evil in this world

And im finally speaking out on who i am
and im loving it each and every moment
being with people who are just like me.....

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