Why Me?

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just a poem that i came up with...

Submitted: January 18, 2008

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Submitted: January 18, 2008



Tears flowing down my pale face
as you tear my heart open infront of me

Taking away all the sanity i had left
telling me im better than anything

when im not...im a nobody
nobody who cant be loved

Am i that bad? or what???
why do i have to be so sad...

I was happy till you reopened my stitches
and let the blood flow from my wound

not wanting it to heal properly
and get on with life

Cant i keep it stitched up
and not have to keep bandaging it up everyday

Cant i???can you tell me that
i want to be here i want to be there

yet i feel lonesome and nobody wants me
fine ill shrivel up and die alone

face this world on my own
and never feel loved

sigh the only thing that loves me is my blood
that drips from my veins

and will be the last thing i will see
before i die...in this cold lonely world.

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