Wolfy Love deep inside my heart

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a one year anniversary poem for my loving wolf dog

Submitted: December 22, 2008

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Submitted: December 22, 2008



Each winter that passes by
i never forget your wolfy face

its so hard living life
without you in it

you were my favorite doggy
always protecting me even when i was sad

i wish i never found the cancer on your face
cuz its the last memory of you
and i dont want it to be that

but someone told me that if i didnt find it like i did
you would of suffer more than what you did

and i know that your in heaven now
looking down upon me..
protecting me like you did on this earth

i miss you and think of you every second of the day
wishing God, you could come back to me
but the only thing i have left of you is the
wonderful memories you have made with me
since the time we got you

You was a puppy and very fiesty
always snapping and didnt know how to control your temper
but you grew out of it..and started being a wonderful mom
taking care of your pups...and finally the protecting spirit
came out and guarded the family no matter what

My most cherished memory
is sitting next to you..playing in the dirt
and you sit right infront of me
being my guard dog looking to see if anyone will try to mess with me
and when i screamed when i saw a worm...
you came up to me..looked deep into my eyes
to see if i was okay..and looked down to see what the problem was
and you helped comfort me..and made me realize that everything
will be okay..

I will never hear you howl anymore
and remember how i slept horrible
without hearing your sweet music
but somehow i had to get use to you not being around
and it hurts me deely that you had to go so fast

why couldnt you live moe???
but every minute i spent with you
knowing that the memories will be good
and that your anniversary will be in honor each year

and no matter how many dogs i get
you will be number one in my heart
and will never be forgotten in my life
and how you changed me..

I miss you my wolf doggy
and i wish each night that  you could cheer me up again
and see those brown eyes look deep into mine
letting me know everything will be okay

in your loving memory
to midnight..my wolf dog

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