Yesterday Thoughts

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this is an inspiration from Yesterday by 30 seconds to mars

Submitted: January 12, 2008

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Submitted: January 12, 2008



i lay on my lonely solitude bed
thinking of things on yesterday
wondering what things i screwed up

And cant change it for the world
thinking how yesterday would of changed
if i went back in time to change my destiny

Would it be for the better or worse?
this plays in my mind as a broken record
never seizing one moments notice

Seeing on the map of the world
i cant change nothing..but accept the changes
and love myself for them

instead of thinking the worse
and get on with life
yet this map of mine wants to change courses

and doesnt know how too right now
kinda stuck in this lonely retched life
and wants to fly free into the world

Wanting to move away from family
away from the fighting...away from the abuse
away from everything and have a happy normal life

I want to be that beautiful butterfly
that can soar high into the sky
and never think of any negative thoughts again

be free of worries
be free of family
be free of everything

want to be on my own
but stuck in this web of mine
and cant get out of it just yet

my wings are tied down
not wanting to loosen for me
to wiggle free from it and move on with life

how do i get out?
can anyone help me
can anyone set me free???

if so can someone tell me the directions
of getting out of it
and to move on in life?

i want to be that butterfly
that can live on freely and live forever
and never think of things again

Can i be that beautiful butterfly
or do i shrivel up and just die
in that web of mine?

does anyone know this question or destiny of mine?
i want to be that  butterfly
that lives on forever more...

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