The Cavern

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

Once again, during a dark time in my laugh. From my friend's POV. Hope ya like it.

Just saying...I meant to type
"during a dark time in my LIFE" not laugh. Go ahead and laugh, I dont care xD I did. xD

She walks alone, and wonders what happened to her friend. She turns down a path darker then the shadow that walks behind her. A small flicker of yellowish light blooms into life in the absolute darkness at the end of the path.

A beam of silvery moonlight drifts down through the interlocked branches above her head, and illuminates the dirt path. Trails of footprints lead into the darkness, towards the small flickering light. The moonlight evaporates into nothing as the celestial orb is swallowed by dark, swollen clouds.

She stops walking, momentarily confused by the black shroud that surrounds her, but then starts walking again as the small flame flickers and sways in the lonely wind, carrying snatches of childish laughter that resonates in her ears, filling her heart with a small, warm flutter of hope.

A jagged bolt of light rips its way across the clouded night sky, followed closely by a deafening peal of thunder. She stars to run as the first few drops of tears fall from the sky. As she runs, the light gets stronger, causing shadows to dance around the mouth of a cave, childish laughter echoing up from the bowels of the earth.

She stakes shelter just inside the cave, hesitant to go farther, terrified of what she might find. She grabs a candle sitting in a dried, crusted pool of wax, and lights the short wick using the small flame of the dying lit candle.

She takes a small, nervous step inside the dark cave. Raising the candle, she dispels the gloom and looks at the dry, rocky walls. Plastered on the walls are pictures. Pictures of the terrible times leading up to her friend’s sudden disappearance. Beneath each picture is a small chunk of writing, detailing each memory. The sounds of little footsteps bounce off the walls as a small, blonde-haired child darts out of a smaller passage, a passage filled with a gentle white glow.

He sees her, standing there with the candle dripping wax as it slowly burns its life away. He laughs, touches her arm and runs down the main tunnel, deeper into the darker memories, and farther into the mind of her lost friend.

She watches him run for a few minutes, and then gives chase. With each picture she passes, she begins to hear a small whisper, growing louder with each step. Voices whirl around her, each belonging to a different friend, each describing a different memory from her friend’s past. The voices rise and fall with the different moods of each memory. Soon the voices rise to an ear-splitting crescendo that forces her to her knees.

She drops the candle and adds her voice to the raging storm of voices.

A small hand wraps its stubby fingers around her hand. The maelstrom is silenced by a small voice. The little boy grabs the candle, and takes her hand. He gently tugs her hand, and leads her through the dark tunnels.

The farther they go, the lighter the memories. She hears more childish laughter. The little boy drags her into a bright, circular room filled to the brim with happy memories bursting with laughter and smiles.

In the center of the room, he stands. With a childish giggle, the boy darts into one of the many side tunnels leading out of the cavern. Her friend turns to face her, a sad smile etched on his face. His clothes are torn and disheveled. In his hand he holds a small revolver, so mall it could be a toy.

She starts to run toward him, but she feels mired in quicksand. He raises the revolver and puts it against his head. A laugh causes her to turn around. The little boy stands there, a goofy smile carved on his face.

A gunshot shatters the silence into tiny fragments that clatter to the floor. She gasps and tears run down her face like waterfalls. A single tear escapes the corner of the little boy’s eye, and slides down his face before splashing to the floor. She reaches out a hand, but lets it drop. He smiles on last time before crumpling into dust. A small breeze whispers through the cavern, carrying away what little remains of her friend.

Submitted: July 23, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Lavidian12. All rights reserved.

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lol thanks. Thankfully, I am out of that oh so dark rut. xD Its all sunshine and giggles and rainbows now. And omg. XD I need to stop talking like that, cuz that scared me. xD

Sat, July 23rd, 2011 8:37am

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