Midas and His Daughter at the Olympics

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Zoe is worried about her father, king Midas. He's at the Olympics to compete - but he's old and ill-prepared. Then she comes up with clever ways for him to use his power to even the score.

Table of Contents

Day One

My fingers itched to pull back the pavilion flap so I could go out and explore. The makeshift village buzzed with people from all over ... Read Chapter

The Chariot Race

Early the next morning, before the sun had fully risen above the hills far to the east of the stadium, I went with Nicholas to the Spar... Read Chapter

The Discus Throw

I remained in an archway of the stadium peeking around the support while Dad strode confidently onto the field, his golden discus under... Read Chapter

The Ten Lap Race

“Could you see the look on the oaf’s face when he picked up the gold discus?” Dad peered over a leg of fragrant roasted phe... Read Chapter

Zoe and Cynisca

I woke up on the third day with a sense of relief. Dad’s next competition wasn’t for another day and a half. Today there were no co... Read Chapter

The Wrestling Match

“Dad, what’s he like, the athlete you were matched with for wrestling?” I bit my lower lip. We were in the shade of our p... Read Chapter


As I washed up and brushed my hair in my “room” of the tent, I thought about Long Lashes -- about the deal he made with Dad, how we... Read Chapter


“Well, Cleo?” Dad held up his goblet of wine to the lean, plainly dressed Spartan. “The athletes sure made fools of themselves when... Read Chapter

Olive Branches

The next morning, I was still upset with Dad and thought about skipping breakfast with him, but when I followed the smell of flatbread ... Read Chapter