Affric's Potion

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I've entered this for MysticDolphin's fantasy competition! Yey! :D

Just a random story I wrote last year in English(:

Submitted: November 06, 2010

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Submitted: November 06, 2010




Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there lived a beautiful princess called Tallulah. She had long, silky red hair and pretty, sparkling blue eyes. She lived in a huge, posh palace with her mother and father – King Oberon and Queen Titania – the King and Queen of Doodlelong. She loved to sing and had an enchanting voice. She would usually sing, no matter what she was doing. She loved animals and had three dogs, two cats, a pony and loads of fish! Also, she was friends with many of the creatures in the woods. She would go to the woods everyday to visit them and feed them crunchy treats.
One fine sunny day when Tallulah was ten years old, she walked to the woods to visit her animal friends. She was wandering through the woods, looking for them when she heard a quiet, squeaky voice.
“Help!” the tiny voice squealed, “Please, help me!”
She rushed over to where the voice was coming from and saw a cute, little brown field mouse. His tail was trapped underneath a large grey stone. She gently picked up the stone and threw it in the nearby river.
“Thank you, kind, little girl!” squeaked the mouse. Without a warning it transformed into a hideously ugly green witch with a huge wart on the end of her gigantic nose! The witch grasped Tallulah’s arm tightly and started to drag her off in the direction of the wilderness.
“Come with me, little girl!” she said, in a scratchy voice.
“Get off of me!” Tallulah shouted. “HELP! Help me!”
Her animal friends came to the rescue – but they were too late! Tallulah and the evil witch had already vanished!
The witch (who was called Ravana) took Tallulah to a tower which was so tall it touched the fluffy white clouds! It also had a purple dragon with orange dots and a broken wing guarding it. Ravana went to the wooden door and unlocked it. She pulled Tallulah up the stairs. They climbed up and up and up thousands of steep steps, until they finally reached another heavy, wooden door. Ravana unlocked the door and shoved Tallulah inside. She quickly slammed the door shut and relocked it before Tallulah could get back out.
“You’ll stay there for the rest of your life now!” Ravana shouted through the door. “Muwah ha ha ha ha ha ha!”
Tallulah looked around the almost empty room. It had a tiny bed, with grey sheets on it, a balcony and not much else. Tallulah went over to the balcony and started to sing. Two small yellow birds heard her and flew over to her.
“You’ve got a very pretty voice,” said one of the birds.
“Thank you!” Tallulah said. “I’m Tallulah, what are your names?”
“I’m Chloe and this is my brother Cory,” said Chloe.
“Why are you in this strange tower?” asked Cory.
“I was walking in the forest and then I heard someone shouting ‘Help’,” she explained, “I walked over to where the voice was coming from and saw a little mouse that had a heavy stone on his tail. I picked up the stone and then the mouse turned into a horrible witch who locked me in here.”
“Oh dear!” exclaimed Chloe. “I wish we could help you out, but we don’t know how we could! We’re only small birds!”
“Oh... okay,” said Tallulah, sadly. “I hope someone does rescue me though. I don’t want to stay here for the rest of my life!”
“Don’t worry!” said Cory, “I’m sure someone will come!”
“We’ll visit you everyday so you have some company,” said Chloe.
“Thank you, so much!” said Tallulah. “I’m glad that I’ll have company in this horrible place.”
Six more years passed and Tallulah was still locked up in the awful tower. It looked a lot prettier though because she had planted some beautiful, red roses on the balcony and painted the grey bedroom in lovely, bright colours. One day, she was standing on the balcony singing to Chloe and Cory, when a handsome prince called Phillip rode past on his elegant white horse. He could hear a beautiful voice singing, so he trotted over to where it came from and saw the tower that Tallulah was trapped in. He wandered over to it and shouted, “Hello, up there!”
Tallulah jumped when she heard his voice.
“Ummm... hi!” she said, to him. “I’m Tallulah and I’ve been trapped in this tower by an evil witch. Who are you?”
“I’m Phillip and I am going to rescue you from this horrible tower!” he shouted back.
He saw the purple dragon blocking the door of the tower and took out his sword, ready to slay it. Before he could do anything the dragon shouted, “STOP!”
Phillip jumped and dropped his sword.
“I’m not going to hurt you!” the dragon continued. “I’m Affric! I hate being here! The witch Ravana captured me and broke my wing so that I couldn’t fly away. She took me here and told me to guard the tower otherwise she would turn me into a block of cheese!”
“Okay! I believe you! Do you know any way I can get Tallulah out of the tower?” said Phillip.
“Yes, I do!” said Affric. “You will need to find the witch’s dungeon and get into it without her seeing you. Once you are in there you will need to get into her store cupboard and find a green potion with a red star on it. Once you have got it bring it to me. It will mend my broken wing so I can fly up to Tallulah and help you rescue her.”
Meanwhile, Tallulah, Chloe and Cory had been listening to Phillip and Affric’s conversation. Cory knew exactly how to get into Ravana’s dungeon. He flew down to Phillip and Affric with Chloe following.
“I know where the dungeon is!” he said to Phillip. “Me and Chloe can take you to it and distract Ravana while you go and get the potion.”
“Okay,” said Phillip, “Let’s go! I want to save Tallulah as soon as possible!”
Chloe and Cory flew to the dungeon while Phillip followed right behind them. They went over to a secret trapdoor and pulled it open. An awful stink came out of it.
“Eeeew!” cried Chloe, “That’s gross!”
“Shhhh!” whispered Cory and Phillip, “The witch will hear you!”
They went through the trap door and found themselves in a round grubby room.
“Okay, we’ll go and find Ravana and try to distract her while you go to her store cupboard which is down the stairs that you are standing by,” said Chloe.
They flew off leaving Phillip all alone. He crept down the stairs into the darkness. He saw a large brown door at the bottom of the stairs and tried to open it. It was locked. It was quite dark and he couldn’t see a key anywhere so he felt around the walls and found a key. He put the key in the lock and slowly turned it. The door swung open with a loud squeak. He froze because he thought he heard Ravana coming.
When he was sure that Ravana hadn’t heard the door squeak, he went through the door. He was amazed at what he saw! In front of his very eyes were hundreds and hundreds of colourful potion bottles! He would never be able to find the right one! Luckily, the potions were colour coded so he just went over to where all the green potions were. He looked all over for one with a red star on it.
After a few minutes of searching he finally found the one he was looking for... right at the very top of the shelves!
“Oh no!” he said to himself, “How on earth am I meant to reach it all the way up there?”
Then he remembered seeing a tall ladder near the trapdoor where he snuck in with Cory and Chloe. He crept back up the stairs to get it. He slowly and carefully picked it up without making a noise and then crept back down again. He leant it against the tall wooden shelves and climbed up it. He carefully picked up the correct bottle and climbed back down to the stone floor.
He went back up the stairs and saw Chloe and Cory waiting for him.
“Quick!” Cory said to him. “The witch is coming! RUN!”
He turned around and was about to run to the exit; but it was too late. Ravana had already beaten him to it. She stood in front of the door blocking the way out. Not even Chloe or Cory could squeeze past.
“Oh no!” cried Chloe, “What do we do now?”
“You’ll stay here with me!” cackled Ravana. “Muwah ha ha ha ha!”
Suddenly Phillip remembered that he was carrying a sword. He pulled it out and ran towards Ravana. With all the strength he could muster, he ran her through with his sword! She screamed and fell to the floor with mouldy, green blood pouring out of her old wrinkly body!
“Hooray!” Chloe and Cory shouted. “Well done, Phillip!”
They pushed Ravana’s withered body in the corner of the room and scrambled out of the smelly dungeon. They ran back to the tower as fast as their legs could carry them. They had been ages and didn’t want to keep Affric and Tallulah waiting any longer. When they got back Phillip gave the potion to Affric.
“Thank you, so much!” said Affric, happily, “Now I can return your favour and help you save Tallulah!”
They could all hear Tallulah shouting ‘Hooray!’ from the top of the tower. Affric drank the potion in one gulp and his wing magically mended!
“Get on my back!” Affric, told Phillip.
Phillip jumped on Affric’s back and they flew up to Tallulah. Tallulah quickly got onto Affric’s back too.
“Oh, thank you for saving me!” said Tallulah, “I thought I would have to stay there forever!”
“That’s okay!” said Phillip. “I’m always happy to help beautiful damsels in distress like you!”
“Where do you want me to take you?” Affric asked.
“Can you take me to my palace, please?” Phillip answered.
Affric then quickly flew them to Phillip’s picturesque palace. Phillip helped Tallulah off Affric’s scaly back and then bent down on one knee.
“Will you marry me?” he asked Tallulah.
“Yes! Of course I will!” cried Tallulah, hugging Phillip.
A week later, Tallulah and Phillip had a huge white wedding! And (of course) their best friends Chloe, Cory and Affric were invited! They had their honeymoon in a pretty cottage in the woods and they all lived happily ever after!

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