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Me and my friends have this little notebook where we write down random and funny quotes which we hear people say at school! Some of them probably won't be funny to you because some of them are 'had to be there' jokes. I'll explain any of them to you if you want! Also, I'm also not writing real names for some people - I'll just write down nicknames. Hope you enjoy them because I certainly do ;)

Submitted: August 27, 2010

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Submitted: August 27, 2010



Name key:
CJ = Class joker
SG = Stupid girl
SB = Stupid boy
RB = Random boy
BB = Bad boy
CD = (a private nickname)
XBB = Extra bad boy
CN = Class nerd

"Sir, don't interrupt me please." - CJ

"Cats are independant, ma'am!" - CJ

"Ooh, Sir! You're getting saucey!" - CJ

"I'm retarded!" - CJ

"Robbie got out his willy in PE!" - CJ

"Yeah, you tennis freak!" - CJ

"Do you think Khaylem's laugh is sweet?" - CJ

"Do you turn green when you're angry?" - CJ

"How can you outbart Bart when he's Bart?" - CJ

"Cheese is much more interesting than atomic particles." - my Science teacher

"Alright, fatty!" - my Science teacher

"Please write down your intelligant statments." - my English teacher

"Robbie the worm!" - my PE teacher

"Is that why you spend all your time with Liam's big snake?" - my German teacher

"Get on with your work and stop being twits!" - supply teacher

"What's a chav?" - my Humanities teacher

"Why are you so interested in the contents of my stomach?" - my German teacher

"It's not a git Dan, it's a jite!" - my French teacher

"So, we meet again Claire." - my English teacher

"I can smell gas..." - me

"Ellen, well done! You are now the intelligance of a baboon!" - Claire

"He's sucking his pencils again!" - Claire

"How did your face happen?" - me

"Farti dick (translation - Fat dad)" - me

"Poooooooooosh nooooooooob!" - me

"Praise the foghorns!" - Ellen

"That's cause you have big writing, I've got normal handwriting and Khaylem's just a nerd!" - me

"Same!" - me & Claire

"You want to borrow my egg?!" - me

"Some microbes are small." - Ellen

"I've always wanted to be a sheep!" - me

"What a pong!" - Claire

"I wash my hands occasionally with soap." - me

"It rhymes with tarmac." - Claire

"Khaylem, how old are you?" - SG"Thirteen, duh!" - me

"When did your face happen?" - me

"Ma'am, Khaylem's talking to me!" - SG

"They're distracting my learning!" - SB

"What happens if they run out of petrol?" - SG

"I can't talk!" - SG

"That's racist!" - CJ2

"No peanuts? They have to come home and have peanuts!" - CJ2

"Great scott! It's full moon!" - RB

"Ma'am stop squeaking!" - BB

"You use your bum muscles to stop it Sir!" - BB2

"My butt hurts!" - CD

"I want to be a dinosaur!" - CD

"I can see your bellybutton!" - BB3

"Is it gooey?" - BB

"Ja'i mange un na na na na na na na na na naam bread!" - BB2

"How do you think they felt?" - supply teacher"They didn't 'feel' they were dead!" - RB

"Robbie stop being a retard." - BB4

"Do you and Sir luurrvvee each other ma'am?" - BB2

"I'm always kind and caring!" - XBB

"How did you know it was left?" - my Maths teacher"Because I wrote right and got it wrong." - BB3

"Ma'am, would you like my flower as you're such a big flower to me?" - BB2

"Draw something to represent your family." - supply teacher"Okay then, I'll draw a zoo." - CJ2

"What kind of musical note is that?" - me"... a quaver." - CD

"Leave my bag alone!" Snowman

"My eyeliner is green." - Claire"It looks like mould!" - Rebecca

"It is dark." - Science textbook

"Which bits of the hoodoo are hard and which are softer?" - Science textbook

"In the middle of the night I heard..." - History textbook

"You can poke fire with a poker." - Science textbook

"The sun is very hot." - Science textbook

"Shhh, I'm trying to listen!" - CN

"That's mine Sir!" - CN

"It's shameful." - CN

"It's against snowman rights!" - CN

"Umm... Sir? But, umm, please, umm... Sir?" - CN

"Ask your friends." - my Science teacher"I don't have any." - CN

"I go underwater to scratch myself." - CN

"My fellow student." - CN

"Jokes lol!" - CN

"Epic fail!" - CN

"Sorry Sir, I have lost my pen. Please may I borrow one?" (robot voice) CN

"Oooh, shiney!" - CN


If there are any you want me to explain just comment and ask!

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