Should Women Just Ask Guys Out?!

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What exactly is holding back a woman from asking a man out?!

Submitted: September 05, 2013

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Submitted: September 05, 2013



Some women may make noises about being independent. You don’t own me, I don’t see no ring on this finger, I can pay my way on dates, men and women are equal, but let’s be real: Just like the issue of who pays on dates and why, women asking men out is not a mainstream activity.

Clearly a clinging to traditions and expectations is at the heart of the resistance of ladies asking men out and there is also that fear of rejection. But let’s be fair now, who says that men have to have carte blanche on being rejected?

Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with women asking men out.

If you want to have more control over your dating opportunities and not just be waiting for some guy to show up and ask you out, you’re likely to increase your chances of success in dating by taking an active part in the initial process. You shouldn’t just expect to leave your home in your gladrags, make-up and beaming personality, and hope that that cutie in the corner wants you as much as you want him and that he’ll approach. What’s to lose by asking the guy out? Your dignity? Afraid he'll say no? or u just don't think it's proper?

By rights, we should now be at a stage where it’s fair game for either sex to make the first move, but this doesn’t happen because:

Many women have it entrenched in them to expect a man to make the first move. For these women, asking a man out is likely to sour things before they’ve even started as it will play havoc with their insecurity about the situation.

Although some men have it hardwired into them to make the first move and even though they may say that they would like to be asked out by a woman, when it does happen, they feel like they’re being emasculated.

Men have more of a Strike Whilst women Have a Limited Window of Opportunity mentality and they know what’s expected of them, and to be fair, we just get on and do it!

It may appear on the surface that you will lose face if they say no but remember that unless you actually know the person:

(1) It shouldn’t matter because you don’t know them.

(2) Men have been putting up with this type of rejection for a long time.

(3) Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

And that’s the key – It’s easy to sit back and bemoan your lack of dates and approaches from men, and how you seem to attract the wrong guys, maybe because you had the chance to get with the right one, but you expected him to chase you. But the reason why i think you should just go for it is because it will stop you from being passive about your dating opportunities. Remember, if he can’t cope with the fact that you asked him out, you’re lucky he said no!!!

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