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Current Events and The Story Untold.

Submitted: July 13, 2010

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Submitted: July 13, 2010



Usually I am the one person in the room that will call out the Government, Religous, or just plain Domestic fear mongering. Also, I tend to be the level headed, stubborn individual that allows things to "Play Out" and what will be, will be. However, as I continue my research on the current U. S. / B. P. ecological disaster; I can not help but gain a new sense of fear and a deja vu feeling of retrospect.

I will not write much on the ever scaling numbers of war related, famine related, or natural disasters that have been raging across our planet, perhaps because I want to steer away from the past or future and dwell on the now.

We have a very tough road ahead of ourselve, whether or not the prediction that I am about to share with you come true. I also want to point out that while the Oil Reserve Exploding into our atmosphere or the Methane Bubble Getting to it first is my main fear,  it is only a foreshadowing curse of what we already have on our hands.

We have an estimated total of 5,208,00 gallons of oil Per Day gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. This 'current estimated number' does not only threaten all of the American border. It is also threatening the Gulf Stream which brings warm water into Europe, which is the only thing helping the European colonies from entering a new Ice Age. This threat is of course from the Already and Current potential global disaster sitting on our plate that is caused by the: Oil Spewing from the Sea Bed & the Current Sea Bed Fissures that are reported to be anywhere from 30-100 miles long; which are already spewing Benzene, Methane, Sulfur and other chemical at an alarming rate.

Also, let us not forget the Dispersant that our U. S. of A. told B. P. they could use and they have used it, only to now say that they believe it is more Toxic to us than the oil that is already there. These Dispersant's can best be related to Spilling Paint on the Floor and Attempting to clean it with Paint Thinner. It will help "Thin Out" the issue, but you are only adding more poison to the poison.

The United States Of America has put out a Military Grade BAN of all news on the coast and is only allowing FILTERED news briefs to leak to our public. This is not a joke, not something you should take lightly, and it is not a conspiracy theory; although I did watch a very convincing video today "Showing Video Recorded Proof of a laser hitting the Oil Rig.
** ** Both of those video's... Check it out if you want, but please understand that this is the least important part of this email.

**Most of all this is an "I Love You" letter that I am sending to everyone on my list. If I know you, don't know you... I hated you or you still hate me. I love you... This has shown me that there are things that we label as important... They don't mean shit. I could keep this letter buisness edicit and spill as much Proper Literature as anyone could spill upon you. That also is not important... I want you to know, especially those that I know personally... That I do love you, I do care deeply about you, and I do worry about you.

I have in the past been seen as uncaring or that I have the "I don't give a shit" additude.... Sadly this is something that was just built into me, but I want you all to know that it is just a facade. On the inside, I care very much and have so much emotion at times that all I can produce is a stone face. I care very much... Very, very, very much. I do...**

This personal side of my email aside, I can no longer sit still while American allows OUR government to stop ALL POSSIBLE venture of help. They are now stopping people from all of over the coast in assisting in the clean up. This is not only unconstitutional, but a treason against our own country...

Every single day, EVERY SINGLE DAY our ocean is been poisoned with the many Toxins from the Earth and The People living in it. My action is going to be Mass Information, not enough people are aware of the ACTUAL and FACTUAL current world disaster.

Do not dismiss this, I am begging you to take time out of your day to visit the links I have posted below. For someone, like me, who has a stone face built into me... I doubled over when I realized that all of this is fact and not fiction.

Below are the links that I have collected together from my research and they are MUST SEE materials.

To some this will mean everything and to some it will be pointless, but I will place you all in my prayers.

Much love, concern, and admitted fear...

Jamie Rambo

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