For The One I Miss

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If you're reading this, I miss you.

Submitted: July 22, 2012

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Submitted: July 22, 2012




buried alive
into the earth behind my eyes
these memories will remain until,
until the end of time
entombed inside this prison
of a mind
the old me is dead
but his memories remain
carrying the scent of a love long lost
they speak of self inflicted wounds
screaming into my open ears
Taboo, is your name
silent, undying, traced upon my lips
as I whisper it
lying awake at night
electrical currents
coursing through my brain
firing off the same synapses
as when I had stood before you
they offer me wine
all I taste are your lips
The entire world engulf my eyes
all they see is your face
my hands
touching my guitar
yet all I hear is your voice
singing as you almost always were
so beautiful, to me
out of a thousand gifts received
I returned only one to you
a broken heart and for that eye
hold a thousand and one regrets
if I could give another to you
it would be only this
wherever you are
whoever you’re with
my one single wish for you
is happiness
a beautiful and wonderful life
that you most certainly deserve
without a doubt in my mind
I miss you

© Copyright 2018 Lawrence Takeshi Murata. All rights reserved.

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