Trying to keep those tries trying

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04/12- Nothing in this world comes easy, if you keep trying one day you will succeed.

Submitted: April 30, 2012

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Submitted: April 30, 2012



Trying to hear the whisper that once was told, one that the street had now declared sold.

Trying to see the images in the mind, releases a real bad devil from the inside.

Trying to hide the knowledge within, some that will bring one down, spilling is a sin

Trying to find the pain within the hurt, bleeding to just fall within the dirt.


Trying to hear those words of wisdom that will never be found.

Quiet as one can be, when all along you want to be loud.

Trying to see the world in another one light, as your own will blind you without a sight.

Trying to hide the feelings that can only be felt, no one can choose the cards that are dealt.

Trying to find the strength to get me through, which leads all of this to you.


I just want to hear those words without lying,

I just want to see a good life before dying,

I just want to hide the evil from admiring,

I just want to find the willingness that keeps the tries trying.

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