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A woman is faced with a life changing battle. How will she overcome?

Submitted: May 07, 2013

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Submitted: May 07, 2013





Declination, A short story by Lai Cruz







I was always a lonely soul. Thinking about my upbringings and misfortunes, I never thought I’d be able to overcome anything. D.C. wasn’t really the best place to live but something kept me around, until I got raped that is.

Walking home like any other night leaving the club I’m approached by Max. I can tell something was a little off about him but I decided to be cordial and stop to hear what he had to say.

“What’s going on with you tonight Izzy?” He asked as he walked in my personal space. At that moment I felt violated and stepped back. “I’m going home Max, you already know that. So why are you kicking me the same stuff?” I said covering my mouth. His breath reeked of a combination of light and dark liquors that made me want to pass out.

He attempted to continue conversation with me as I walked down the street but I wasn’t listening. We had an interesting friendship more or less but he was tolerable. I was trying to find a way away from him. I didn’t like being bothered after work. It was 3 in the morning. He kept putting his hand on my back making me most uncomfortable.

“Okay Max, I know you live the other way so why are you still talking to me? Don’t you have your girlfriend to go back to?” I bellowed. He gave me look of pure evil that went straight through my soul. At that moment I ran as fast as I could away from him. He brought a new fear within me that I couldn’t quite register.

As I ran, I heard his footsteps growing near. All I could see ahead of me was darkness. I no longer knew where I was. My heart was beating so hard my ears rang. I couldn’t breathe and needed to stop.

A million thoughts ran through my head as fast as they appeared. I saw my life flash in a mere instant and then pain shot through my existence.

Next thing I know, I’m in a dark, dead end, alley. My back is against a building and I see blood running from my right hand. The pain from my head is excruciating. My body is numb but a constant pressure is penetrating my insides. I’m weak and can no longer fight. I’m now submissive.

As I collapse onto Max, I feel him wrap my arms around him, making me that much more accessible, my body acting as if it longed for this hideous moment.

As I looked ahead of me I saw people walking by, laughing and enjoying life, not even noticing the horror taking place to the right and left of them. All I could do is weep in my own sorrow. I no longer had a voice. My throat was too sore. I no longer had my virginity.

I lay on the cold concrete crying in despair. My heart was torn and my body limber. There was no strength left in me. No motive to get up and head home. My cell phone buzzed repeatedly in the distance, my feet just shy of it. I desperately wanted to answer it and beg whoever it was to come and save me from this travesty but I didn’t know where I was. I couldn’t make out my surroundings.

As I drift into a deep sleep I pray to forget this night. I pray that this is just a dream. That I will wake up in my warm, cozy bed with my eight pillows and satin sheets, Maxwell singing my sorrows away.


© Copyright 2017 LayCruz. All rights reserved.

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