Stuff happens when girls and boys are alone

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Everyone loves the new girl- but is she really who she says? And whats going on with the boys?
Amazing love story filled with drama and suspense

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I hate this, I thought to myself as I looked in the mirror. My hair was straight in a ponytail with no volume whatsoever. I had close to NO makeup on my face and desperately needed to buy some more concealer with the fact that I had a third eye growing on my face and I was wearing baggy sweats and a sweater.

It was freezing outside but girls seemed not to notice considering the fact that they covered almost nothing.

I really wouldn't have a problem with these girls if they just weren't so mean. I mean, who wants to walk around with jocks drooling over you and people surrounding you wherever you went?

Oh yeah.


Well,whatever. Who needs friends when you have books? And with that thought I headed off to school. I had first period English.

Chance Rollin was in that class.. Yum. Chance Rollin with his forest green eyes and built body. No wonder all the girls were all over him.

But he only hung out with the cheerleaders and hot chicks of the school.


Actually, a bunch of "them" were in this class. Best to avoid them.

"Ew! Watch it, FREAK!" I was walking to my desk and decided not to see who the poor kid was Lindsay was picking on.

"Um, hello?! You're TOTALLY buying me a new DRESS!"

Oh. The poor kid was me.

"I-I-I'm so sorry I didnt know, how much-" I was interrupted.   "What is this?!?! Is this... Apple juice?!?! WHAT THE HELL?"

Oh my God the apple juice leaked out of my lunch bag and onto her very tiny dress. It seemed her dress had soaked it all up.

"Yes, I'm sorry i didn't know! How much was it?"

She looked at me. The whole class was laughing at me. A few were yelling at me.

"Just get out of my face loser."

I stared at her, surprised.

"I said OUT of my FACE! Jesus CHRIST are you stupid or something?"

"Lindsay, chill out. Really a little bit of juice and you turn into the anti Christ. Breath," I heard. It was Chance. Naturally.

Sigh. I hate my life.

After third period, which was AP Civics and had none of those stupid jocks or cheerleaders, was lunch.  Yay. There was a class in the library so I

decided to go to the bathroom. Yes. Go to the bathroom and eat lunch.

There were a group of girls in there checking their hair in makeup because God forbid you go to lunch with a hair out of place, and they were

talking about some new girl.

"Have you even seen her?"

"No, but I hear she' know perfect."

"No way. I bet she's like emo or something. I mean that's like what I heard."

"That's like ridic. She's blonde and shit and is like some Barbi doll or something."

"But like there is NO way she is.. you know.. hotter than us."

The girls giggled and left. The bathroom smelled way too strong of perfume. I had to get out. And face hell. Also known as the cafeteria.

I sat down at literally the only empty table. There were just so many groups of people. And so many colors!

The goths/emos sporting black everything,

the hipsters with their striped glasses and big hats,

the preps with their laid back attitudes, blonde or shiny brown hair, the jocks with their perfect yet stupid selves.

And finally I spot a table. No one there so I get there before anyone else has the chance to grab it.

"Hey," I hear after a few minutes. "Uhh, sorry but this is where me and my friends sit. You can sit here if you want but can you move your stuff?"

Oh god he was an angel. I had never met someone who was so.. perfect. "Please?" He said and smiled. Oh god he has dimples! I thought.

"Oh sure, sorry I didn't know anyone sat here and I never really eat lunch so Ill just move," I said but oddly i couldn't make myself move.

Why wasn't I moving? He stood their smiling "Nah, you can stay. Well just have to make room for my friends,"

And with that about four more guys came over. "Weeeeeelll, who's this? A new girlfriend already?" One of them asked.

The others laughed, to my embarrassment.

"No man, she's cool. She's gonna be eating lunch with us today. And however long she wants, so be nice" He smiled. Yum.

"I am being nice. How is that mean?" The guy asked simply. I just looked down. "So what's your name?" Dimples asked.

"Alexis. But you can call me Alex." I looked up. They were all sitting down. I was sitting at a lunch table with a bunch of cute boys.


"I'm Dylan. This is Justin, Mike, Chad, and Cole." They all smiled or nodded. Wow.

"Dyyylaaaaan!!!!" I heard a screech coming from behind me. Lindsay looked at me.

"Hey YOU'RE that chick that spilled apple juice on me!" Lindsay said.

"I mean, who the hell drinks apple juice? What are you, five? And why are you sitting with these guys?" She asked, staring daggers at me.

I looked down. "Um, hello? I'm talking to you, nerd. Stand up!" Who was she, the queen? I kept looking down.

"Lindsay, chill out. Just go back to lala land or wherever it is you came from." Justin said.

Wow, he was the one laughing at me, I thought sort of happy. Maybe Ill have friends.

"Don't tell me to chill out. You don't even know her. I mean come on look at her. You can NOT go from me to her! It's insulting!" Lindsay was pouting. She was really pretty I guess. I mean, her layered curly hair, green eyes, and olive skin she wasnt all fake tanned or anything. Which I heard guys don't really like. And she wasn't TOO skinny. She was just really... prefect. If only she were nice.

"I mean, look at me and look at this...thing," She said. I take it back. She is hideous. "And I heard she carry's a rat around." She wrinkled her nose. What? "No I don't! Where the hell did you hear I carry a RAT around for god's sake! That's just stupid! I said. She looked at me.
"What did you just say to  me, nerd?"

"I believe she said you're a dumb bitch...and personally I think she's right." Said a voice from behind Lindsay. The boys looked at each other with faces that said 'oh hell no we should get outta here' but they stayed. Naturally.

Lindsay turned around. "Who the hell are you?" She asked.

  "I believe she said you're a dumb bitch...and personally I think she's right." Said a voice from behind Lindsay. The boys looked at each other with faces that said 'oh hell no we should get outta here' but they stayed. Naturally.

Lindsay turned around. "Who the hell are you?" She asked. "Oh my bad, I forgot to properly introduce myself. Silly me. My name is Ceci, I'm a Libra, my favorite food is pizza, I love the rain. My likes are fashion, boys, friends, the mall, smokes. My dislikes are beef, hot weather, teachers, school, and you." She smiled.

Remember when I said Lindsay was perfect? She looked like a dog compared to Ceci. Her hair was super curly and brown. Her eyes were blueish greenish. She had such pretty curves I couldn't believe it. Her skin was blemish free and looked so soft. She didn't look like she was wearing any makeup. I  could only imagine how the guys saw her. And she was ACTUALLY covering up herself. Finally a modest girl. I wanted to cry.

She looked so sweet it was weird seeing those words come from her. Lindsay looked pissed. "What ever. You can be a nerd just liker ." Snickers came from all over the cafeteria. It was quite obvious Ceci was the farthest thing from a nerd. But I was surprised to see the whole cafeteria watching us. All eyes were on Ceci and Lindsay. "Aw, that's not nice, now is it?" She cocked her head to one side. Lindsay rolled her eyes. "Wow, pathetic much?" She asked. "Hmm... yes I agree. You really are. Now if you don't mind moving I think you're blocking my way to my seat." She said. "Whatever," Lindsay laughed but you could tell she was dying on the inside.

"You guys dont mind if I sit here do you?" She asked. All of the boys said things like, 'Oh please' and 'God yes' and 'wow you're gorgeous' She laughed. She turned to me. "So whats with her?" I shook my head. "My drink spilled on her this morning. She got really mad. I don't know. She never really liked me. She looked down. "What a bitch. Well whats your name?" She smiled. She had the prettiest smile. I was so jealous. "Alexis. But you can call me Alex." She flashed me an even bigger smile. "Will do, Alex!" Then she was quiet.  But we really should do something about your outfit. You know what? We are going to the mall this weekend. Kapish?" I looked at her. Wow. No way. "Kapish," I said and smiled.

She looked at the boys. "Take a picture. It'll last longer," She said and laughed. Each one got out his phone. "Wait," she said and pulled me closer to her, "Were besties from now on, kapish?" I smiled. This was not happening! I thought. "Kapish," I laughed and the boys took the pictures. "Is this weird? Cause I feel kinda weird," Cole said. "No, were all friends here, why would it be weird?" She giggled. I have so many plans for you girl! This weekend is gonna be the bomb!" She laughed. "Why are you so excited to spend time with me?" I asked. "I'm nothing special," I said and looked down. "Oh come on! My besties are the specialist people in the world!" And she giggled. She giggled so much. I smiled.

"Dont look now but I think Lindsay and her clones are planning to kill someone," Dylan said. Nayurally, we all looked and he was right. Her and all of her possie were staring daggers at our table. Lindsay looked like she was crying. That made me laugh. "Whats so funny?" Ceci asked. "It's just, Lindsay is always the one making people cry and now she's crying and...I sound dumb." I laughed and looked down. "No I think that's funny. It's about time people like her learned their places. And you know the best way to do that?" She looked around the table. "Jealousy." She said.

"Mom, I have to go! Please I'm gonna be late!" I pouted. My cell buzzed with a new text.

From: Ceci boo <3
Where are you? Im in front of your house COME ON

The horn honked from the front of the house. "Come on mom please let me use your credit card. Ill play you back when I get the money. Please?" Her mom handed it to her without looking at her. "Just dont spend too much. Love you," I ran out of the house and jumped into the front seat of the car.

"There's a party tonight. At Dylan's house. We are so going!" I started panicking. "I have nothing to wear and I have to study and no one there will even like me and.."

Ceci told me to shut up and that's what we were going to the mall for. She smiled so I knew she was being nice.

When we got to the mall we hit stores I hadn't ever even been to. There were a bunch of guys walking around and literally all of them, even the ones with girls, stared at Ceci with open mouths. I was so jealous. "Ceci," She was looking at a pretty tank. "Hmm?" she mumbled. "All of these people are watching you," I told her. She looked up and smiled. "Not him," she said and nodded to a cute boy in an Aeropostale work shirt and shorts. It was true. He really was smiling at me.

"Here," She said and handed me a dress. It was blue and almost knee length. "Go try this on," So I did, because who was I to question Ceci Reel? Exactly. No one.

I put it on and came out. She squealed with joy. It really didn't look half bad I guess. "Gorgeous! Now we need accessories." I looked at the price tag. "Ceci, just the dress is seventy five dollars. And its on sale!" I blinked to check if I was seeing things. I wasn't. "I chose it out, Ill pay," She said. "Oh god no, I cant let you do that. Well just find something cheaper." I felt so bad. "Nonsense," She said and grabbed the dress from me.
Despite my complaints, she paid.

"Now where do you wanna eat?" She asked. Was she kidding? "Ill pay for the food," I said. "I wont argue with that," she said and laughed. "Um, Chick Fil A?" I asked. "Mmm yes!" So we went and ate.
"So, I saw the was you were looking at Cole," Ceci said. I blushed.
I guess. "He didn't really say anything to me though.." I said.
"He could just be shy," Ceci said. "But well see tonight because he will obviously be at the party," she said and grabbed my arm. "C'mon! Accessories, girl, we gotta go!"
"But my sandwich.." I said. It was useless. I got up and we went to, you guessed it, Hollister.

"These shoes are TO DIE FOR!" Ceci said.   They really were. Black boots that were light so I guess they were greyish. "Yeah, and the price could kill me." I mumbled. "What was that?" She said "Nothing," I said quickly, and she laughed.

We bought the shoes and some bracelets. I have a necklace you can wear so no reason to buy one. It's getting late though, we should go get ready." Ceci said. "But you didn't buy anything," I said. "I have an outfit at home," She said.

We left and went to her house which was HUGE. She must be rich, I thought. We went up to her room which was also big. Her closet was about three times bigger than my room. No wonder she didn't need to buy anything.  I changed into my outfit and she did my hair. She curled it. She also did my makeup a bit excessively. Within no time we were on our way to the party.

"Why do you look so scared?" She asked. "I've never been to a party," I confessed. She laughed. "Really? Well, it's going to be way fun. And dont forget the boys will be there." She said. "And no doubt Lindsay and her clones," I said.I was quiet. "Is it too late to turn back now?" I asked. She looked at me." Way too late," She said as we pulled onto the side of the rode.

Yep. This was definitely a party. How cliche. Loud music, people everywhere obviously drunk. Huge house. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. I told myself over and over. "Well, com on!" She said. "I cant do this!" I said. "You look amazing! People wont even recognize you! Come on! And Ill stay with you the whole time." She said. "The whole time?" I asked," Yes, now come ON!" She laughed and we went inside.

"There's Cole. Go talk to him!" She urged. "But hes with his friends!" I complained." News flash, there our friends too," She said back. "Um, newsflash, they didn't INVITE me!" I snapped back. She was quiet. "Come on," She said. We walked over. "Hey, guys!" She said. They all said hey and how glad they were she came and blah blah blah. "Wow, Alex. You look HOT!" Dylan said. "Thanks, you too," I said. "You really do," Said Cole. Ceci smiled and nudged me. It was obvious to the boys. Cole smiled and looked down.

"I knowwww I was just like I haaaave to buy it!" We heard Lyndsay's voice over everyone's obviously coming closer. Crap. "And THEN the cashier guy was ooooooobviously flirting with me and he gave me a discount and the......WHO INVITED HER?!" Lindsay yelled spotting me.

"Wow oh GOD i have no idea, Alexis who invited you? OH YEAH ME!" Ceci said sarcastically. "And this is NOT your party so quit being a little spoiled bitch and shut up for once, kay babe?" Ceci said. I was so proud. No one NO ONE talked to Lindsay like that.

"Umm I dont remember asking you," Lindsay said. "Yeah, you did. I'm the one who invited her and you asked. Think before you speak, dont try to multi task anymore," Ceci said back. This got a lot of laughs from the others at the party who were now watching the fight
"Shut up, new girl. You OBVIOUSLY dont know who you're talking to. And you," She said looking at me,"why are you so close to Cole?" She asked and snickered. "For your information, it's none of your business. And he obviously likes her and not you so get over it!" Ceci yelled.
"Wow, idiot, Rikki GOES OUT with Cole," She shook her head. "You're so not as smart as you think you are. Where is Rikki anyway?" Lindsay asked. "Ill go get her," Said one of the clones. Everyone was quietly watching each other. A few minutes later the clone appeared  with some girl.

"Yeah Rikki, this NERD is all over you boyfriend," Lindsay said. Cole looked down. "I am not," I said. "Cole, is this girl all over you?" Rikki said looking hurt. She obviously hadn't heard me. "Nah, were just friends," He said. I couldn't believe it. I was so embarrassed. "Well, you better not be!" She said looking at me. "I swear you AND your friend will regret it," She said. Everyone went 'oooh' . So cliche. Lindsay and her girls all walked away, but just before they left Rikki turned and winked at Dylan. WHAT? Cole hadn't seen because he was looking down. Dylan was smiling.

I could just see where this was going.


Wow. All day and not one of those stuck up bitches said anything to me. Something tells me I know why. Maybe Rikki saw me see her wink at Dylan after making a big fuss about me standing next to Cole?
"EEEEEEK!!!! YOU STILL LOOK BEAUTIFUL!" shrieked Ceci. Oh yeah, she made me.. MADE ME dress up for school. Even let me wear some of her clothes. She said and I quote, "You cant go to a party looking like a frigging goddess and come back to school looking like a gross nerdy thing," and that really hurt my feelings so I just stayed quiet and agreed. She also made me put up a pic of  my outfit. *sigh* anyway, lunchtime..woohoo.

We went through the lunch line and and went to sit down. Only there werent two seats open. Only one. And can you guess who was sitting there?


She looked me up and down obviously surprised that I hadnt gone back to my "nerdy" self. But of course she looked ten times better. 

"Um youre in my seat," Said Ceci. Which was dumb. She was in my seat. "And what do you want me to do about it, slut?" She said back. Uh-oh. "What did you call me? Huh? What did you call me little girl?" Ceci said. She did sound really scary. "Nothing," said Rikki. "Okay, listen," Rikki continued. "Lindsay is watching me, she really doesn't like you guys, I mean I have no problem with you and I dont really know why she does I mean you just got here right and nerd.. I mean Alexis doesn't really talk.. and I'm sorry," she looked down. "And by the way, you really dont look like a nerd Alexis. You're really pretty." she said. We just stood their kinda shocked. "So I really dont want Lindsay mad at me so could you act like I'm being mean?" She looked at us. Ceci smiled.

"You call me slut ONE MORE TIME and you see what happens to you and your wannabe friends, GOT IT?" Ceci yelled. The boys snickered. "Well it's the TRUTH," Rikki yelled. "Whatever. Come on Alex we are OUT of here!" She said. Ceci smiled at Rikki. What..the..hell..was going on?

We left the cafeteria pretty quickly after that since people were laughing at us and assumed we were leaving because of Rikki. "So are you two like friends now?" I asked Ceci. "Nah, I'm just down with not causing any trouble here," she said. How could she cause any trouble? I mean look at her, I thought. She's like a snowflake. I'm like a raindrop i thought sadly. All ugly and wet and recycled. Sigh.

"So, where you wanna go?" She asked. "What? I thought we were just gonna go to the library or something before class," I said. "Nah, I think I'm up for a smoke. You coming or what cause I dont want you whining the whole time," She smiled. "I guess," I said. "Come on, this is supposed to be fun," She said. We got into her car and drove off. "We'll go to my house first and maybe hit the park or the mall or something. Actually I think I'm up for some Starbucks before that. Whatcha think?" She asked. Actually, that sounded fine and a hell of a lot better than staying for biology. "Yeah, sure," I smiled. She turned on the radio and we sped off.

We got to her house and went up to her room. She opened a drawer and took something out. She walked over to where I was sitting and sat down. She rolled something up and lit it. She handed it to me. "I thought we were just coming for a cigarette?" I asked. "I said we were coming for a smoke," She said. "Okay. Well, you first," I said. She shrugged. She took a hit and leaned back. "You know what? I think I'm up for meeting a guy today. You know? Not one of those little school boys but like a real guy." She said and handed it to me. I took a deep breath of it and choked. She laughed. "Okay, try again," She said. I did and it went down a bit smoother. "Yeah, I guess I know what you mean. And since all the guys at school refer to me as 'nerd' I dont think I'll have any luck there," I said. She looked at me. "Don't pout. You look ugly when you pout," She said. This made me sad but I stopped pouting. She laughed. "Come on," She said and we left.

"Two caramel macchiato's," she said. The counter guy smiled at her and went to make it. "$7.95" He said. She paid him and we left. We were rounding the corner which led to an ally, a shortcut back to her car, she said, when three guys with masks came from no where.

She dropped her macchiato. I gripped mine for dear life. "Shit," she said.

Shit indeed.


We left the caffe a while later. The boys went off and Ceci and I walked down to her car. "Wanna stay at my house tonight?" she asked. Of course I wanted to! That place was a mansion!!! "Totally," I replied and smiled at her.

We arrived at her house. She was mumbling something about an addiction to coffee and I was thinking about Dylan. How his eyes stared into mine, his laugh, his smile, his voice. A while later I realized Ceci had stopped talking. I looked at her.

"What?" I asked

"Didi you hear anything I just said?" She asked.

"Yeeeahhhhh?" I mumbled.

"So you'll help me?" She asked.

"Mmmhhhmm..." I replied.

She looked at me.

I looked at her.

"Well?" She asked.

"Well what?" I said. This was stupid. "Ceci," I mumbled. "I didnt hear anything you said." She laughed. "I know," and she smiled at me.

"You know, you were staring at Dylan the ENTIRE time," she giggled. "He;s cute, you should do something about it. Even though he IS a major player from what Ive seen. We'll have to fix that, yeah? She said. I was blushing feirsly and looking down into my lap. We were sitting on her ginormous bed watching Scary Movie. "Nah. I dont think I can compete with Rikki." I said.

"Rikki?" She asked. "Rikki goes out with Cole." She said. Oh yeah, I hadnt told her about the wiking insident. "Well, I saw them eyeing each other. Flirting and stuff. No biggie I guess." I said. "What?" She got excited. She smiled big. "Tell me the deats!!" She squealed. I told her the deats.

The next morning Ceci chose an outfit for me to put on. Jean capris, navy wedges, and a long sleeved flowery shirt. She did my makup and curled my hair. I looked perfect.

We drove to school. We were a little bit late, but she wasnt worried. Neither was I. We were gonna make an entrance.



Hey people! Sorry its so long but I didnt feel like making it into chapters :/ Like and comment ot whatever!!! Thanks!

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