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seriously sentimental ode to my first love

Submitted: April 20, 2007

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Submitted: April 20, 2007







Take me back to those weeks in august

We were young but not children anymore

We drank on the green in earls' court

We sang in the park until four

We wore  imitation jeans

And our hair was bleached like straw

Colored beads on our wrists and ankles

We sat cross legged on the floor.

You told me ‘layla I love you'

You're the best friend I ever knew'

And the look in your pretty blue eyes

Told me that it was true.

So Danny lets go back to earls court

Leave our troubles behind

Lets be fifteen again, and broke,

 And pretend that you're still mine.


Let's lay on the grass in the sun all day

Sharing cigarettes, watching kids play

Afternoon sun, melting troubles away

Lets be ‘Danny and layla' again.


I still think of you every day Danny,

More so in the afternoon sun,

You were my first and greatest love

You're still my special one.





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