night night

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alcaholism destroys lives...

Submitted: April 28, 2007

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Submitted: April 28, 2007






He's sleeping in the back room.


She tiptoes down the stairs


Careful not to make a sound


With each step, a silent prayer


She begins to clear the debris


Spilt ashtray, shattered glass


Splinters of broken furniture


A torn up photograph.



Has it really come to this?


She asks herself once more


As she collects the empty bottles


And wipes blood off the door


She thinks she hears a footstep


Somewhere a floorboard creeks


She freezes, terrified listens,


The sound of snoring brings relief.



The living room now tidy


The mess all cleared away


Evidence of this evening's horror


Hidden once again


In the kitchen she nurses bruises


Before turning out the lights


She thanks god that she'll


Get a nice long sleep.


daddy passed out early tonight.








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