Human denial looked through the mirror

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A philosophical essay about human denial and economy.

Submitted: March 01, 2018

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Submitted: March 01, 2018




Human denial looked through a mirror

It is a common misconception that there good things.From everyone experiencing the first flirts of love, only to live the disappointment of the selfishness of human nature to those pursuing justice, only to find there are only defective laws, the fact is what there is in life, are things that work.Thus taking into account the strict criteria of morality, all the rest are wrong.Because in reality "right" is  usually subjective.The division comes down to correct and mistake.
Ever since man became intelligent and the institution of marrriage developed there was always a similar misunderstanding.Men wanted sex and women children.So in their discussions an "negotiation" took place.Women listened to men talking about marriage.But what they really meant was sex.
Much like this, when people talk about economy nowadays, it is generally accepted that they refer to the flow of money.From politicians to journalists and workers to businessmen the point of reference is economy as the flow of money.But what everyone means by economy, in this hypocrite pretense, is their pocket.People refuse to acknowledge that other interests exist.So given that modern man's God is money, economy is simply how much money they going to get or how big an increase in  their salary they are going to see.Economy and especially private economy and free markets are actually the most misconcepted notion in modern global public life.
The belief in private economy stems from the greediness that since money can get you anything(the most usefull thing hence the first priority to acquire), the economy must be suited so as to "fit" the interests of profit.Each person wants to do different things, so that's why discussions about economy end up being so "pluralistically noisy".
The main cause behind human denial reflecting in economy views, is nothing but greediness and jealousy for both men and women(jelousy is traditionally "connected" to women).Human refuse to understand their long term interest, even though they believe in freedom.That is because they do it out of a dogmatic reason, almost fanatism, and not because freedom is what gives meaning to life.Since life has the meaning you give her, it is understood why freedom is always the first priority.It is worth as much as health, essential for happiness.
Yet, if one pauses and observes the motion in modern world, he or she will understand the common sense argument or the common sense explanation for the existence of free economy.In the free economy if you work and have money, you have options.And perhaps only adults are voters, but everyone is a consumer.This thing did not stand in, say communist regimes.In Kazakstan during 1980s oranges were acquired through the communist party and held for party officials.It was illegal to get oranges through any other way.You did not have options, that is freedom.The communist party had the monopoly.That is why Churchill refered to communism as a fight about the equal sharing of misery.In essence, communism was nothing but the political expression of human denial to happiness.If this does not sound convincing, which is the essence of democracy, just ask or try to do business with a monopoly yourself and you will reach your own conclusions if the common sense "option" holds.

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