Serenity by Lazola Pambo

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The message behind my poem titled "Serenity" speaks of the
importance of keeping a calm headed mind through personal
conflict in reality issues.

Believe me,it is not a poem to frustrate any reader by
incrasing stressful depression but it acts as a detox
mechanism of reminding any ordinary human being about the
inner power that he or she has abundantly.

Submitted: January 09, 2013

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Submitted: January 09, 2013



\"Serenity\" by Lazola Pambo

Like the beauty of a white running waterfall Tossing steamy thin ice cooling vapours Up high towards an invisible atmosphere My serenity is peaceful

Like the blooming pink flower during midnight Opening newly light buds A sweet majestic state of an unseen performer My serenity is eloquent

Like the path of a golden isle surface Gleaming rocky onyx stones Enfolded between a vast diamond territory My serenity is plentiful

Lazola Pambo

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