The Sweetest Moment

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This is my lastest experiment, trying to create a tension in the piece purposefully trough a tight structure.

Submitted: March 26, 2008

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Submitted: March 26, 2008



Truly, in the moment we both succumb,
How would we choose where to dwell
Even if our hearts were intact? If only we
Saw the security of a stone bridge. Love, I
Would readily stay here, under a thumb,
Ebony leaking out of my pores like a sob,
Evening out my weakness. The coarse,
Tense grab of cold to the bone sets in as I
Excel in what I have never tried, this medium,
So sweet and numbing, so compelling, I
Trust the wake and wave to slip over
My aching mind and swallow me so you,
Oh love, need never have your sprit broken
More. A shudder, river water becomes my blood,
Existing in a frozen artery, hounding my eyes with
Nought but the patience of a way out, a
Tragic, sick notion to strike my thoughts dumb
In the old vessel of my brain, where
Sense is born. Sweetheart, stop counting when
Time has flown beyond me: we both know
He smacks the skin with unreckoned force. I
Even trained my fingernails to scratch and clamber
Like beetles after you. Now, I wish to sink,
As a stretch of rope is whipped up by the
Simple turn of a wheel, and falls without fail, I
Too am tired of waiting for the brittle wheel to turn.
My feet are gone beneath me, turned a milky blue.
Of all the things that could be, it is the smack of a
Malnourished sea at my chest that renders me sodden.
Enlightened by its hunger, I stay standing.
Now, my wheel reaches its balance and turns,
Too late, my love, to warm this bruising heart.

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