My "first" time

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A story that i came up with ^_^

Come on now get comfortable, this will be a long one. Ok I live in Norway as an 18 year old teen. About a year ago I experienced a moment that i count as the first "sexual" experience in my life. As I walked down the drabbed grayish hallways of my school towards a secluded sitting area, I to this day recount as my little pink haven, I spotted not one but both of my crushes seated on the very spot i intended to rest my tired tush. Arriving at my port of fruity solitude i smiled gently.

The first whom i will refer to as Sunny for privacy's sake is near indescribable in my love smitten eyes. I will however try my best. Sunny has the softes and most luxurious slightly brown tonned hair. His hair is short and brings to mind rare Indian silks that would be found in late victorian english bedrooms. It frames an angelic face with a soft but warm and inviting glow. His eyes are fiercly blue with just a hint of emerald green. They are like to gemstones crafted in the heavens. Whenever he would look at me I would be taken a back by his eyes, that seem to almost pierce mine and search the very bottom of my soul with intense and inexhaustable emotion. His body was firm and tonned but not in excess and with a strong manly posture, in direct contrast to my slouching self.

The second, well let's call him Paul a boy with a personality that truly shined through his gentle, loving smile and reassuring voice. If Sunny's eyes were like gemstones from the heavens then Paul's smile was like a warm blanket on a cold christmas day. Where i admired Sunny's body in all its perfection i would revel in Paul's slightly bizarre mix of God-like amazingly attractive overall appearance and his mediocre features with the exception of the aforementioned smile, personality and voice......Where was i going with this again? Sorry lost my train of thought. 

Ok, I'm back on track. I walked up to them and like any fool in love i stammered and stuttered some incomprehensible jibber before mustering a form of greeting that would not make the nearest grammer nazi plug my nipples to a car battery and end my verbal catastrophe. They said and i quote "Hi and 'Sup" respectively. In afterthought i'm glad they were having as hard a time as me soliloquizing (sarcasm *_*). We all just sort of hovered in the area not saying anything for a toe-curlingly, seemingly never ending 20 seconds before i turned my back and walked right out again. 

As i walked out i felt a warm touch on my wrist and heard a familiar and delicate voice say "We were waiting for you". With that i felt a previously unknown sensation. A warm and slightly damp but somehow also fascinating feeling, a kiss on my neck. I turned slowly my grey demeanor met two radiating and pulsating others and my dull brown eyes found that they had become lost in someone elses blueish-green eyes. 

The next thing i remember my eyes were escaping the enchanting prison of Sunny's eyes. The three of us were on the couch togheter touching, teaching, and loving one and others desires. then as i moved my hand down closer and closer to unbuckle Sunny's pants, I woke up to my teacher berating me on falling asleep in class. 

Submitted: April 25, 2012

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Wow. That's one crazy dream. It kinda coincides with what I've been learning about the subconcious (which freaks me out and is completely awesome at the same time) Keep writing bro! You're amazing:)

Thu, April 26th, 2012 1:39am


^_^ Thanks, It really was the wierdest most bizarre but still hottest dream i ever had >.

Thu, April 26th, 2012 4:35am

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