Adventures of Bieng A Nurse

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My Mom is a nurse and these are just some of her most Bizzar patients that she takes care of.

Submitted: April 04, 2011

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Submitted: April 04, 2011



One night my mom was ordered to be a sitter and watch this guy that was drunk and halucinating. This guy is just freaking out he wouldn't stay in his bed he was down on his knees looking around yelling "Where are my cigarretes I know i just got back from the liquor store with cigarretes were are my damn cigarretes." This guy was literally freaking out the nurses kept trying to explain to him that he wasn't home he was in the hospital and he wouldn't listen. So my mom gets out one of her ciggarretes and then one of the nurses says "Sarah you know we are not allowed to give the patients cigarretes and we are not allowed to smoke inside." She then grabs a straw off of the serving tray measures it the length of a cigarrete and cuts it. She then hands the straw to the patient and says "Here take one of mine" taking it the patients says "I'll need an ash tray" she hands him an empty pop can he sat there all night smoking that straw. When my moms shift was over the next nurse came in to take over the patient says "Well im not going to lie to you I'm drunk."

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