-How It All Goes;

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My Feelings, Thoughts, Struggles And Much More.

Submitted: September 08, 2012

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Submitted: September 08, 2012



Never Get To Kno Me....

Only If I Can Turn Back The Hands Of Time, I Would Do It Jux For Me.

I Might AllWays Wear Ah Smile But ItsAlot Of Thinqs Yu Dont See.

As Ah Child I Learned Alot Nd Its Tha Fucked Up Thanqs I Seen.

It Made Me Who I Am Today Nd This Is Who Im Suspose Too Be.

They Expect MeToo BeTha Back Bone But Who Is The Spine For Me?

Who Suspose Too Help Me Keep My Sanity Nd Show Me How Too Stand On My Own Two Feet?

I Was Taught Too Be Independent Nd Too AllWays Stand Alone.

Nd I Stay Loyal Too MYSELF Cause Alot Of Fake Shit Has Shown.

I Watch Um Slither In The Grass Nd Snoop Behind Bushes.

But I Keep My Faith In Th Lord Thats Y Tha Devil Aint Took Me.

Yu Can Judqe Me Wit Your Eyes Nd You Might Jux Hurt Me With Your Words.

But You Aint Felt Tha Shit I Felt So Guess What Who Really Cares.

As Lonq As I Keep My First Foot ForWord And Keep Too These Nouns Nd Verbs.

I Could Give Ah Fuck AboutWhat Yu Feel Or What Nun Of Yu MuthaFucks Heard.

Then Yall Ask Me Y I Act Like This And Whats Pocessin My Soul.

Dont Ask Me Bitch Cause Im MissUnderstood So Yu Ah Neva Kno.

Yu Neva Had Ah Wheep I Had Or Heard The Thangs I Did.

I Mite Be Coruppted But I Been Like Dis Since I Was Ah Kid.

Feel Me Jux One Time Nd Yu Mite Jux Get Close Too Me.

But Keep Actin Like Tha Rest Of Um Nd Yu Ah Neva Get Ta Kno Me.

Written By: Jordan Hayes

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