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A good friend of mine passed away some 5 years ago. On the 12th birthday of his firstborn Grandson I was visiting in te home of his only Daughter and her family as I try an do every chance I get waiting patiently for his Daughter to share with me a firsthand account of what she and her Father both referred to as " OUR MEETING WITH GOD " Being both a very emotional and extremely personal event she has respected her Father's wishes not to share it until she felt it was time. Today she asked me to write it down. It was time.So with her permission to share with the world, Here is that special Day, their "MEETING WITH GOD"

Submitted: July 11, 2011

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Submitted: July 11, 2011



On the way to my bedroom one evening I happened to hear my Dad talking with someone in the study.  Since I knew that there was no one in the house besides Dad and me I stopped to see if I could hear who it was he was talking to.  It was God.

“You promised me”, Dad said, “that we would grow old together, and now without any signs or warnings or any hint as to why you call her home.”
“I just don’t understand why you have done this to me.”
“What have I done wrong?”

Almost without pausing to breathe Dad went on. 

“I could never replace her or the beautiful love we shared if I lived ten thousand lifetimes.”
“I don’t want to grow old alone.”  “No one should ever have to grow old alone.”
“I wish that you would make me understand why you would give her to me for all eternity and then take her leaving me here by myself when you know how precious she is to me.”
“Lord, I really don’t think that I can grow old alone.”

At that very moment a feeling that I usually felt in church, only never quite as strong as this, seemed to fill the entire house.
Dad sat very still and quiet with his head in his hands and his elbows on his knees as if he were staring a hole in the floor but his eyes were closed.  I thought that he had fallen asleep.

After what seemed like a long time to me but was probably only a few moments, Dad opened his eyes, looked upward and broke his silence.  In an ever so soft and almost apologetic tone he said, “I understand Lord.” “ This is your will and I readily accept it.”

Being somewhat confused and a little upset, I went up to my room to ponder over some of what I had just heard my Dad say.

Just before climbing into bed I went back downstairs to get my ‘one last drink of water’ for the night.
Dad was already there having his ‘one last drink of water’ for the night.  I asked him if we could talk for a bit before I went to bed.Dad said of course. We went into the family room and sat down on the couch. 

I told him that I had overheard him talking with God and that I really didn’t understand how he could just accept this as God’s will.
“Dad”, I said, “I have seen and felt the great sorrow and pain that you have had since God took Mom up to heaven and left you here alone”.  “I’ve felt the same way.”

“My sweet, sweet girl”, Dad explained, “You heard only half of our conversation”.
“When I asked the Lord why He had done this to me the Lord said”, “My good son, I have not done this to you, I have done this for you“.  “The Lord also told me that even though I didn’t know that Mom would be called home early…… (it was hard for Dad to say these next two words)………Mom did.”

Before Dad could continue he choked up a little and his face once again began to turn red as we both fought to hold back the soul cleansing tears that we both knew sooner or later would have to fall.

“For so very long now, the Lord said, “your eternal companion has been coming to me in prayer pleading with me to take her home before the horrific illness she had was allowed to fester and grow.”
Dad said that the Lord also told him that that the reason Mom wanted to come home now wasn’t for her to escape the pain and suffering that always comes with this type of disease, but so that Dad and I, whom she knows love her with all our heart, would not have to bear the pain and extreme anguish as we stood by so powerless to stop or even ease her agony and heartache.

As our tears began to fall the house was once again filled with that over powering love that cannot be seen or described, only felt.
“My son,” the Lord continued, “This unconditional love that you both have for each other is another of the reasons I have brought this angel back to be with me.”  “She has already begun preparing a special place where the two of you will spend eternity together.”  “And in this special place neither of you will ever again know pain or sorrow, only love.”

After a few minutes of silence Dad and I decided to go out to the patio to talk more.

As I sat there looking at the vast universe wondering just exactly where it is that Dad had said that heaven is, he began to relate more of what the Lord had told him.

“You are correct my precious child, when you say that you could never replace such great love as yours for her and hers for you.”  “For something to be replaced it must first be lost never to be seen or heard from again.” “My child, the wondrous, never ending love you have for each other will be with you both forever.”
“Fear not that you have been left alone.”  “The true love you have for each other has given you a very special and loving daughter to help you make it through these difficult times.”
“Then when the time is right she will begin her calling as a wife and the mother of your grandchildren.” “Remember when this day comes, you are not alone.” “For I am with you always even until the end of time.”  “No, my son, you will not grow old alone.

For some time we sat marveling at the precious gift we had been given.
Then, armed with the power of the Atonement, the Plan of Salvation, the truth and fullness of the Gospeland without a spoken word, Dad and I turned to each other and smiled. And with tears of joy filling our eyes and a peace that can’t be described filling our hearts, Dad and I knew that our grieving had been replaced  with happiness and our pain had been replaced with an inner peace and a strange and yet somehow familiar joy.

It will be 5 years next month that Dad joined Mom in heaven.
All the years in between that special night and Dads passing were filled with an abundance of Laughter, Happiness, Love and what Dad called ‘excitable anticipation’.
On the night that Dad passed I went into my 7 year old son’s room to let him know that his ‘Pappy’ had gone up to heaven to be with his ‘Gammy’.
I spoke but one word.  “Son”, I said, and he turned to me and with his young eyes already swollen from so many tears shed for Dad with whom he was very close and with a strange and yet somehow familiar smile he said, “You don’t  need to say anything  Mommy, I already know”. 

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