A Letter to Them

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I nearly got broken, and this poem is me. I hope you enjoy it.

Submitted: July 25, 2013

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Submitted: July 25, 2013



I lost something I never touched,

I’ve been prisoner in a room that locked from the inside,

I completed a crossword to the echoes of screams,

And fell with the absence of my pride.


I’ve loved and lied, laughed and cried,

Stared into the void with tiger’s eyes,

Kissed like a movie star, cameras and lights,

And wept for a world I never knew.


I’m Rizzo, Austen, Stefani and Coen,

Naive, a bitch, an artist with a song.

I can sever my ties and still sleep handcuffed,

A face that’s brave, a heart that’s strong.


I’ve been used, mistreated, adored and perfected,

I’ve written and sung, drawn and directed,

Fake smiles, real grins, I’ve worn every mask,

Made exceptions for him, and found who I am.


I silenced myself from the knocks at the doors,

Filled my body with poison till it crashed,

And god have I lived, above all I lived,

Poured sweet melody and love from my lips.


I’m a princess, a tiger, a lover, a fighter,

Phoenix from the ashes, hair blazes from my mind,

I could kill with these heels, gash with these nails,

Kiss like silk and soften my fury.


So tell me you hate me, tell me I’m ugly,

Tell me I’m nothing, tell me I’m blind,

Tell me you soar above my sad little frame,

Tell I can’t match up to your kind.


Because I get it now, I finally see,

I don’t have to prove to you what I can be,

Because I’m here, I’m alive, I kick ass, I’m clever,

But most of all, world, I’ve awakened to me.

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