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Dont call his name! His embrace is death!

Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012




Jack is very nimble

Jack is very quick,

The slightest touch from him

Can make you very sick.

Wretched, broke, and haggard

His life spent for shame,

To think of him is dangerous

Don’t even call his name.

He walks the streets for penance

Never going home,

Drags his feet in anger

His soul is doomed to roam.

Reaching out for those

Who wrongly dared to call to him,

And taking all the others

To gratify his gory sin.

Board up all the windows

Take my word and heed,

Gather in your children

This is nothing that you need.

His presence’s made to mortify

All who catch his glare,

Deep glowing blood red eyes

With lightning in his stare.

Your skin is getting numb

Cold like ice on fire.

Then it starts to burn you

Your situation has gone dire.

Run like your life depends

On your strength and skill,

With all you’re might and anguish

Like the Devil to the hills.

Your life is in your hands

Guard it like its draining,

Draining out in buckets

Keep your soul from raining.

Keep a watch behind you

Jack is getting near,

Close enough to take you

Feeding off your fear.

He stretches out to touch you

Hoping you want see,

All the souls behind you

Never to be set free.

Blackness overcomes you

Clouding up your mind,

Knees are growing weaker

You’re falling way behind.

His taste is now within you

Rotting out sweet flesh,

Tearing out you’re insides

What a morbid mess.

Jack is very nimble

Jack is very quick,

How ghastly he embraced you

Now you’re deathly sick.


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