Its Ok

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Submitted: August 31, 2012

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Submitted: August 31, 2012



Yea, It's Legendary, uh huh, Check it, ha


(Chorus) Life will get better secret Light shine through,

singing with the music while I'm thinking bout you

Keep on smiling they will see someday,

I have no more tears because my life is ok


Bouncin' to the ounces to the sound of the beat, No

more heavy loads keep stressin' with me I got no

patience for the bull and the crap don't you see,

my life is just perfect when it's me with me


(Chorus) (X2)


What you say? I'ts Legendary,


I'm thinking bout the lyrics put them down on

a page, so much to say I guess it comes with age,

My life has been a journey and I hit some bumpy roads,

wounded and mistreated that is how my story's told,

...STAND STRONG! As I say this to myself,

Move out negative, come in positive




What was done is done and you know was dead wrong, Now 

let me see you vanish like the end of this song.... 



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