LC- Joy

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Submitted: April 23, 2011

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Submitted: April 23, 2011



O,... yeah,... oh, joy,... yeah, yeah, yeah

(Chorus)- You gave us Joy, your coming is near- joy,

while exhaling your name- Joy, there’s no need to fear joy!,

your love will stay the same, you- gave- me- joy!

V1: Jesus, we have come to praise you, we have come to

lift your name, Father, Satan can not bring me down,

lifting you up as I lay my crown.

.....We have come here to wor-ship, we have come here

to lift you



I know its true, Spirit, anoint me with your presence, I

want to get TO HEAVEN!

..... we have come here to praise you, Jesus you’re the

only way


Rejoice! I have salvation, Rejoice! I have eternal life,

Rejoice! my Savior lives, Rejoice! kiss this world good bye.

--Come Lord Jesus Come--- Come Lord Jesus Come--

My Savior, I carry my cross for you, your love for me

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