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Submitted: August 31, 2012

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Submitted: August 31, 2012



(Chorus) Can I get a witness, you see me in these pages of mine, Bringing up the power, of a lifetime, that make people shine (X2)

This is the view the pages of my stroy, looking for the right one to settle down with and hold me,

I never thought I had to do this again, I try hard as I ball seem like I'll never win,

Blessing or a curse got me looking so confused,

Sitting in a corner thinking how I've been abused,

Pick myself up gotta do it every hour,

Can't let it overcome me cause i know I've got the power


Life has caused me unfortunate events,

looking at an overview about how my life went,

I gotta focus cant dewll in the past,

looking at the now gotta make this shit last,

speed it up now ( I am the Light of the world)

I've became untouchable ( I am the Light of the world)

I have earned my place in this section called history,

sending out my love I am in your memory

(Chorus) (RPT)

I Love you

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