LC- Real Man

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Backwards Album. Released(2011) Copyright Legendary Christophe' Feel free to check out Legendary Christophe's Website at:

Submitted: April 23, 2011

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Submitted: April 23, 2011



(Chorus) Why you pushing me, why you squishing me, yes I’m a real man, (Real man) real man (X2)

Here we go. Stop right there, no you ain’t going anywhere, sit down let me tell you the tea, yeah you can judge me by what you see, what you don’t lika like me (Like me) because it’s not the right me, I have done all I can, to show you I’m a real man

(Chorus) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, oh…

Stop! Drop your voice, what? You have no choice! God does not approve of it (Does not approve of it) He does not approve of it, goodbye, why, because I sat there and try, I snap, drop, smile, pop, you don’t even know me, you can only judge me, you will se, yes you will see that god only knows me


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