LC- Sin Savior

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Submitted: April 23, 2011

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Submitted: April 23, 2011



(Chorus) Sin, Savior, sin- Savior, O sin Savior, Savior, Savior, Savior O sin Savior


to you, no other can do the things you do, you came to set us free, you show us you love eternally,

we can- not save ourselves, we need you to come- please



show the way, please take me from this quest, this place is filled with wickedness, I can- not go

alone, I cannot do it on my own, will you- come with me, Lord I need you to walk with me



You came and changed my life, you stood right by my side, you came and gave me joy, you came- gave me joy, oh, yes! you are true, O Father I love you, go on- extend you love, you’re worthy, you’re worthy, father why -can’t they see, you want a relationship with thee, come on-take our sin, you’re worthy, you’re worthy, :I come to give you praise, exhaling you name day by day, O’ Lord I come to say, you came to You are the one who gave us life, you are the one who gave your life, no other can compare

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