War Child

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The Invisible Children

Submitted: September 08, 2009

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Submitted: September 08, 2009



War looms closer with each passing day
Fear creeps up as pain sets in
It's under your nose and in your face
Around every corner and at every place,
Bleeding hearts and babies crying
Bullets flying, people dieing,

It gets worst and worst with each passing day.
Terror comes as the blood does flow
The sky rains as body's begin to fall
It's like I'm trapped behind some big wall,
With nowhere to go...
Just waiting for that person with the gun
To pull the trigger and kill us for fun.
With broken homes and shattered lives
This war has just begun,
But its too late, the damage is done.

Consumed by anger and driven by hate
Darkness comes to hand me my fate.

Bombs dropping, mines exploding, people dying
Its all part of war, it happens each day,
Which makes me wonder, will it ever go away,
With no end in sight all there's left is to stand and fight
For that little freedom we have left
Before violence destroys us all,
But until then I will continue to stand tall
And continue to fight, to give it my all,

This war is pointless, we wanna be free
Not to live a life of misery or to see these scars.

The end is near... for me it is,
That I can finally hear,
The sound of the enemy getting near
Soon I'll have a bullet in my chest
So I'll start to close my eyes and go to that one place,
I see my mom, and, the face of a 13 year old boy,
Laughing with joy, without a care in the world,
Who's actually free... BANG! BANG!
Lights out, pains over.

Endless suffering nearly at an end
A deep dark slumber I'll soon descend.

Even though I'm gone,
Everyone's has to stay, and fight to be free,
i don't want to let them become of whats me.
even though i'm Dead but painless and finally free
Laying at rest, in harmony
Then the war shall end
To the four corners of the earth...
and peace will come finally at last.

© Copyright 2017 ldlred . All rights reserved.

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