Dealing With Dylan

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When you're constantly objected to ridicule because of one person, you'll eventually snap. And that's what happpened with Charley and Eli, the objects of humiliation. Eli decided that enough was enough, that's how she came to the conclusion that they needed to deal with Dylan.

Submitted: November 09, 2011

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Submitted: November 09, 2011



Eli’s breathing was coming out in pants. She hadn’t exerted herself; she was just excited, anxious. I don’t get the big deal; she was just going to talk to the boy and get her point across. I frowned at the thought of the boy. Dylan Glawson is his name. He constantly humiliated us – in and out of school. His latest fiasco had sent Eli over the edge; something in her snapped. I don’t really know if I should care or not. It’s hard to find her – let alone me – intimidating. I sighed, Eli’s plan is pointless.


“He should be here by now. I told him 6 o’clock in the abandoned science class room. The moron…” she muttered. She then proceeded to mutter to herself about nothing. I rolled – more like crossed – my eyes at her. She spazzed over everything.


“Eli calm down. Not every one is punctual,” I told her in monotone. She glared at me from across the room. She hated people who were late; something to do about manners.


We suddenly heard footsteps nearing. We scrambled over to the hiding spot beneath the old teacher’s desk.  It was dark on this part of the room; none of the sunlight hit here. Eli looked like she was fixing to burst with excitement. She quickly sobered up when she saw Dylan’s legs from our view point under the desk. He was dressed quite well – as usual. Eli’s eyes seemed to shine with sadistic mischief.


“Hello? Anyone here?” He paused, “Left already… Great,” I looked at Eli in disbelief. Why wasn’t she doing anything? He was fixing to leave! She shot me a hard look and then fixed her attention back to him. When he took four steps to the door, she pounced. She did it quietly; she did it with such grace. Every move was filled with contempt. And her expression was plain sadistic.


Everything after that is a blur, a complete and utter blur. When I was finally able to focus, I saw that she had somehow managed to take him down. The look on his face is something I’ll never forget; he looked angry, terrified, surprised, and so many other emotions I couldn’t name. I slowly, oh so slowly, made my way over to Eli and Dylan.


“Eli…calm down. Do not lose your head over this, over him,” I said. I don’t really know why I said anything, but I did. Her head snapped to me and I was mildly surprised at the sight of her. Her pupils were dilated, her hair was in disarray, and she looked wild.


“Calm down? Calm down?!” She shouted. “I can’t calm down, not after everything he’s done,” she snapped. Her expression suddenly turned sad, like a lost little kid desperate for the comfort of their mother’s arms. The look was gone as soon as it came and turned to a murderous glare. She let out a yell and pushed me. I stumbled back and fell, hitting the back of my head in the process. I never was sure footed. I grimaced from the shocks of pain erupting in my head and tried to get up. But I was too exhausted, I didn’t have the energy. My head lolled to the left and I tensed in shock. Eli was holding a knife to Dylan. Where did she get the knife?


“Please don’t kill me. I’m sorry, alright? I’m sorry,” he begged. He truly looked sorry.


Eli laughed cruelly and snarled at him, “Sorry? You think I care if you, Dylan Glawson, are sorry?” She brought the knife dangerously close to his neck. “I could really care less,” she whispered softly. With that, she pressed her mouth to his in the “death kiss”. I guess he understood this because he was shaking his head and repeating “no” and “please don’t”. She laughed at him one last time and ended him.


“Goodbye,” she whispered. The sadistic glint in her eyes seemed to shine brighter. I gulped loudly. She had completely lost it. My eyes wandered over to Dylan’s face and I immediately wished that they hadn’t. The sight was tear worthy. Dylan Glawson, while clearly dead, still looked like he was here. I shivered at the thought.


I slowly got up and said, “Eli…What have you done?” She glanced at me and started laughing. “This isn’t funny! You killed him, do you understand? You killed him! We are both going to get caught just because you wanted to show him that you are through taking the humiliation,” I ranted. By this time she was in hysterics. All I could do was stare at her incredulously. Did she not understand? Is she that far gone? I felt sick.


I’m not getting caught. Nothing is happening to me,” she chuckled. She was starting to calm down. I looked at her baffled. “Haven’t you figured it out yet, Char-Char?” She asked tauntingly. She sighed and shrugged dramatically, “And here I was thinking that you, Charley Bohansen, were smart,” she got off Dylan and walked towards me. There was no blood on her, no knife.


“What are you talking about?” I asked warily. She’s talking nonsense; people always get caught eventually. We would definitely get caught, we’d be the first people would suspect.


“No we won’t Charley, you’ll be the suspect. There is no us,” she told me. How could she have known? I didn’t say it loud. Then it all hit me full force, head on.


The prank Dylan played was at me, not Eli. The plan wasn’t Eli’s, it was mine. I didn’t hit my head how I thought, it was a result of a struggle. Eli didn’t end Dylan, I did. Eli is just my imagination. None of what I thought was real. I shook my head, trying to rid away the thoughts.


Eli laughed cruelly one last time, “Now you see!” And she was gone.


I closed my eyes, trying to fight away this sudden adrenaline rush. When I opened my eyes, I was over Dylan, holding the knife. “What a shame,” I murmured.


Huh, revenge really is a funny thing.

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