When We Kissed

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This is my little admission to solosinger's "Way To Kill The Mood" contest. I am not proud of this peace, at all. But What the heck, enjoy!

Myka and Kai have been friends for years. This makes them incredibly close. Watch what getting stuck in a tree can do to you...

Submitted: December 01, 2011

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Submitted: December 01, 2011



I felt the tears rolling down my cheeks as I laughed. This whole situation was just too funny; Myka had fallen off the branch she had been occupying and was now hanging upside down. She just glared at me as I laughed on.


“It isn’t that funny!” She cried out. Her face was growing red from all the blood rushing to her head. Really, the sight was comical. Especially with her scary resemblance to an anime character.


“But it is, Myka!” I managed to get out. One look had me calming down. “Sorry…”


“For what?”


“I’m sorry for laughing at you.”


“Good boy. Now then, come and help me down!” She demanded. I made my way over to her slowly as she stared me down with her very hypnotizing eyes. Myka and I had always been close friends – almost like brother and sister, but I wasn’t blind; I knew Myka was very attractive. Especially with those eyes; they could make you break down and beg on your knees for forgiveness. I say this because I have both experienced and witnessed this.


“I don’t know how you do things,” I mutter as I slowly, carefully take her down. Luckily, she’s pretty light.


“Neither do I,” she huffs as she brushes herself off. “I just have a knack for getting into weird situations.”


“Very true, I’ve been involved in one of those weird situations.” I shuddered as I thought about it. Somehow, she managed to get us chased by cops and we ducked into the closest building: a gay bar/strip club. I really don’t want to think about that anymore; I have been scarred emotionally and mentally.


“Come on, it wasn’t that bad! All the guy did wa-”


“NO! Don’t even talk about that night. Ever again.”


“But it was fun! You have to admit to that at least,” she said with conviction.




“Oh my god!” She cried in frustration.


“You called?” I teased.


“Shut up, Kai!” She growled. I smiled widely at her frustration.


“I’m glad you decided to call me by-” I didn’t get to finish as she pounced on me. We laughed as we rolled down a hill, holding onto each other like our lives depended on it. When we finally reached the bottom, I was on top of her. I smirked at her. “I could get used to this position,” I teased. She huffed and tried pushing me off. But to no avail. I was too heavy for her to move.


“Get off me!” She yelled. I shook my head, smiling. She growled in a very appealing way. I leant down – don’t ask me way, I probably lost it – and gave her a nice kiss. She was completely still for a bit, but then she responded. But not with a kiss…oh no, that would’ve been too easy.


She threw up.


I jumped off and began gagging. What the hell?! I glanced at her to see she was facing away from me, still retching. This reminded even more of what happened and I joined her.


That was 6 years ago. We were now married with 4 kids.




A/N: That sucked! xD I can't come up with anything better, so...yeah. Oh the joys of being terrible at these! Tell me what you think of this sad, sad story :P

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