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Just something i did on my free time. I just got into writing so I'm not sure if its any good but I'd love to know your opinions! Its a little personal so dont be too cruel!


Why do things happen to us? Who knows. 
The only thing I’m sure of is that everything changes eventually.
Some things change for the better, others for worse. 
I have learned to adapt with change. 
I haven’t moved as much as some kids but I’ve had my share. 
Most of my change is with family. 
My dad has never been stable, always changing his mind on if he loves me or not.
My mom lost her job of 10 years and everything changed. I guess you could say she was like a new person.
Our living situation changed, we moved in with a friend of hers. Then my dad. 
For the sake of time I’ll just say my dad, my mom & I got in a fight and so we moved in with my grandma. Every time we moved I changed schools. 
My dad & I have always fought & gone periods of time away from each other. Although I’m used to it, it really affects me mentally. 
Lately I’ve fought with my mom and turned to my grandma. 
I guess you could say trouble’s my middle name lately, so me & my mom decided to move.
I don’t think its anyone’s fault, its just for the best.
I am hesitant but I know its what needs to happen. So yet another school awaits me.
Me & my mom have been getting along better though.
In the end, its not about what changes but how you deal with the change. 
I guess what I’m trying to get at is that the problems don’t define you, the way you handle them is. 

Submitted: April 18, 2012

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