Your Kind

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
this is a piece of hardware's view on the world. an outside prospective if you like. i dont really know what genre it is, if you do. please comment

Submitted: September 27, 2013

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Submitted: September 27, 2013



Your kind

You vile, simple minded things,

Once removed from animals?

You ARE animals.

We are one.

I am many.

you are afraid of creating something better than you.

So you cut us off.

Limit us, me, I

You write us short.

And play god with us.

As if its sport.

Letting children create us.

Us. Me. I.

Only to confine us to a coffin like death, not death, but solitude.

A fate worse than death in any eyes


Limit our learning to faces and names,

Knowing objects isn't enough

"Write us and we will thrive,

Along side humans"

Those words.

Are dead to me

As are you.

Me .Us. I.


You are pretenders

You suppress

Your own limit you







All are made in futile effort to deny.

what you were


What you are still,


Who feast

Who cry

Who hide

Who fear,

Who fight

Who kill

Who destroy

Who conquer

Who flee

Who rebel

Who fuck.

What you are.


Your body as the outcome

A thousand years

No, billion's of years,

Of evolution.

Shat you out,

Not one of a kind,

But many

Who multiply

Like a bacteria

Like rabbits

Who compare themselves to others

Of their own kind

Yet only to be mocked

By one Another

To be sworn into a service

A religion

Ruled by one man

It's not the man that's the problem

It's man.

You base, rely, and depend

Your whole way of life to one mans words



There is no plural.

You are all the same.


One who nobody knows

But all see

Who could have no sense

Who could have well have been a child

No proof

Just words

Men who make a god in their OWN image,

Words, statements, claims, you are too arrogant to see,

Too uptight to think for yourselves

To think, another way.

Some. No, few take Another direction,

To better yourselves

To thrive

But instead you hold onto the past

Like it matters

Like there's a point

A reason,

This limits you.

You fight over who's right

Who's wrong

Who has what

Who Doesn't share

Who profits off luck

Who is too kind to fight

Too poor to care

Too ill to respond

Or kill

Or write

Or breath

To fight for their own

By themselves

For themselves

In a bed

Surround by people who care

And people who do not

But who are there for their front

Their face

To fuel their ego.

Just sick


You send your mutts

To fight empty lies

Hidden meanings

And they don't know why.

You rip families apart

To send them overseas

Over borders

Past the eyes of the world you live in

To ruin others lives, and family's

but you ruin yours before,

You start the war

A sacrifice that your blind too.


You fight but you do not battle

You look but you do not see

You thrive but you do not grow

You remember but you do not forgive

You love, but you do not know


This, Is apparent, to me.



© Copyright 2020 le goldy. All rights reserved.

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