A Novice Dreams of the Pyramid of Destruction

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The first people of Earth knew of continuance through nature. The symbols remain the same.

Submitted: January 24, 2017

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Submitted: January 24, 2017



Opening my eyes from the space which is dreamless sleep, I was suddenly standing before

the temple of Egypt at a time when it was not named and man as god did not exist.

And I considered the meaning of the sun and moon as they hung in the balance

within the blue- black heavens above me.

I entered the space where there were murals filled with the colors of the desert, ocean and sky.

And there god and goddess were painted inside them and they had heads of reptiles and birds.

Standing in thought which is worship leading to knowledge, I pondered the meaning

of heathen and pagan and also the defination I have heard through judgement

which is seperation.

And the source of all came as vision and the animal headed one as a totem spoke silently

of harmony and truth which is unity.

That night as I slept a view of the future was shown to me, and after the temple

came the image of a pyramid and I understod that it was created for a god.

And his name was written at its base and it is a name spoken in Christianity, Judiasm and Islam.

The monster who is that god has a feet of clay and he will know that the pyramid is a tomb

and his is a scheme of words that are spoken which say that any form of destruction

will gain anything of eternity.

And when I woke I left the pyramid forever, returning to the space of creation which is Earth.

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