Bonfire of Destroying Thought

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Book banning and its consequence.

To begin, here's a list of the most famous books which have been banned at various times, along with the reasons why they were.

1. The Catcher in the Rye, J.D Salinger

profanity, violence, sex, occult reference.

2.  A Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess

violence, profanity reference

3.  Farewell to Arms, Ernest Hemingway

sexual content

4. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain

racist language

5. Lord of the Flies, William Golding


6. Brave New World, Aldous Huxley

profanity, anti-religion, anti-family

7. The Martian Chronicals, Ray Bradbury

racist language, anti-values

8. 1984, George Orwell

socialist propaganda

9. The Shining, Stephen King

violence, religious mockery

10. Slaughterhouse-Five, Kurt Vonnegut

violence, sex, profanity

Considering a work and considering an author, perhaps Mark Twain was a racist, perhaps he was attempting to place a spotlight on racism. Should we be allowed to view him as either as intelligent individuals and readers?

I think yes.

Lord of the Flies is a work which addresses the notion of human violence as something which is born within us as a tendency. An important point worth pondering by anyone.

Were any of these books written for children? Most likely not, but they were concieved with children in mind. Works such as the Martian Chronicals have been a part of high school curriculum. I had to read Adventures Huckleberry Finn as a part of American Literature. I read the 'n' word in the novel, it didn't make me think less of people.

These are all works of fiction, they are works of thought, they are a part of human perception as history.

The true consequence of banning has nothing to do with protecting us, it will only result in keeping a closed minded and shortsighted attitude alive and well.

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Submitted: July 09, 2020

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A clockwork orange was my favourite book as a teenager, I must have read it over a dozen times.
farewell to Arms and Lord of the Flies, we studied in school.
A Brave new world, I read in my twenties. Alas the rest of them which I have heard of, I have not read.
It seems to me that banning books for their content is wrong, no matter what they contain, after all we all have a choice of reading it, or not.
To ban a book just makes it more desirable, even if its badly written, or just not that good.

Look how well Salman Rushdie did with his 'Satanic Verses,' just because it got the banned sticker on it from Iran.

I understand the need for some kind of censorship, but as an adult I would like to have the freedom of choice to choose what I watch or read, and use my own judgement of censorship, instead of having it thrust on me by a government body, who deems to think they know better than I, what I should be watching, reading etc.

Fri, July 10th, 2020 8:46am


Of course adults should be allowed to read as they choose...when it comes to younger people I believe that when it comes to difficult concepts, discussing what has been read is key for intelligent understanding. Thank you for your comment Celtic-Scribe63

Fri, July 10th, 2020 1:59pm

tom mcmullen

Couldn't agree more LE, free speech is under constant attack in these woke times, it's all about power and control, " You think the way I want you think " is what they want!

Fri, July 10th, 2020 9:11am


True tom...that's why 'authors unite and keep on a- writing!' Thanks for your comment.

Fri, July 10th, 2020 2:02pm

tom mcmullen

That's true LE, I'll keep writing what some thin skinned morons judge to be offensive!

Sat, July 11th, 2020 6:00am


You go tom...

Sat, July 11th, 2020 2:37pm

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